The Rey Juan Carlos University has made public on its Official Electronic Board ( the appeal of the waiting lists.

Once the students are registered on the waiting lists corresponding to the general quota of the Bachelor's studies for the 2022-2023 academic year, the appeals are published in those degrees with falling enrollment. To check the call you must access the platform of Degree Waiting Lists (see appeals). Applicants must formalize enrollment in the awarded studies, within three days from the publication of the call. Only applicants included in allocated waiting lists will be able to consult them through the Waiting Lists platform.

The Spanish Constitution in Easy Reading

La Spanish Constitution in Easy Reading


On the occasion of its 45th anniversary, the URJC, together with the Esfera Foundation, is promoting an initiative to adapt the Magna Carta...

The URJC will be part of the Book Fair

La URJC will be part of the Book Fair


The Rey Juan Carlos University and the Madrid Book Fair have signed a collaboration agreement starting...

Three doctoral students, awarded at the 'Divulga NextGen' conference

Cuban Tres Guitar doctoral students, awarded at the 'Divulga NextGen' conference


Isabel Martínez García, Fernando Leonardo Vera and Gema Casado Hidalgo, doctoral students of the Science Program of the Department of Chemical Technology...

The URJC focuses on volunteering

La URJC focuses on volunteering


On the occasion of the International Day decreed by the United Nations, the Rey Juan Carlos University remembers the different campaigns it carries out...


Evaluation of accreditation merits for University Holder (TU): success stories and case studies of assistants

King Juan Carlos University (URJC) Madrid Campus, Paseo de los Artilleros, Madrid, Spain

Workshop “TRUST ME: from the FLUXUS influence to the Art of Resonance”

Old Pavía Barracks Building, room P010, Aranjuez Campus

AF605M3 - Open access publishing (scientific and educational)

Rey Juan Carlos University, Tulipán Street, Móstoles, Spain

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