25 anniversary
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YEAR 2022


  • Thursday 24: Representation of the musical "Los chicos del choro" at the La Latina theater, at 20:XNUMX p.m.


  • Thursday 27: Dialogues 25: An overview of the future of Europe. Is Europe at a historical crossroads?
  • Tuesday 18. Inauguration of the virtual Museum of the URJC
  • Sunday 16. University half-marathon race in Fuenlabrada


  • Friday 30. European Night of Researchers in Madrid
  • Thursday 29. Musical event with RNE-Radio 3 in Móstoles
  • Thursday 22. Inauguration of the traveling exhibition of the URJC


  • 1 Friday. Advanced course on vaccines


  • Thursday 30. Advanced course on vaccines


  • 28 Saturday. Sports competition and canoeing crossing in Aranjuez
  • Friday 20. Investiture as Doctor Honoris Causa to Prof. Dr. Hiram V. Arroyo
  • Thursday 18 and Friday 19. Series of lectures by Drs. Honorary Cause of the URJC. Lecture by Prof. Dr. Hiram V. Arroyo, Dr. Honoris Causa by the URJC


  • Friday, 29.Series of lectures by Drs. honorary cause of the URJC. Lecture by Professor Stefano Boccaleti. Dr. Honoris Causa by the URJC
  • Thursday, 28. Conference at the Royal National Academy of Medicine - World Vaccination Week
  • Friday, 22. Exhibition of historical pieces of telecommunications
  • Thursday, 7. Session at the Royal Academy of Medicine – World Health Day: future challenges.
  • Thursday 7.  Conference on Development Cooperation and Volunteering at the URJC over these 25 years
  • Saturday 2, Sunday 3. Video game competition URJC e-Sports Summit
  • Friday, 1. Outstanding Alumni Conference: 25 years of URJC


  • Monday, 28. International EULIST week
  • Wednesday, 23. Dialogues 25: Prostitution 2.0 Migrating to digital frontiers
  • Wednesday, 2. Dialogues 25: This is how the labor reform affects your professional future.


  • Monday, 31. Master Lecture by Professors G. Parisi and I. Focaccia
  • Friday, 28. Investiture Honoris Causa professors G. Parisi and I. Focaccia
  • Wednesday, 23. Interview on Canal Europa about 25th anniversary events

YEAR 2021


  • Monday 20, Tuesday 21. Padel Tournament
  • Friday, 17. The URJC Choir and Orchestra Christmas Concert is back
  • Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16. Solidarity race organized by the students
  • From Monday, 13 to Thursday, 22. High-performance electric racing car exhibition
  • Friday, 10. The URJC organizes a seminar to publicize the HRS4R seal
  • Friday, 3. Dialogues 25: 25 years of University, Ángel Expósito dialogues with Javier Ramos.
  • From Wednesday, 1 to Friday, 10. Electric racing car exhibition on the Aranjuez campus


  • Friday, 19. The brothers Daniel and Alejandro Pérez win the URJC Charity Padel Tournament 2021
  • Thursday, 11. Meeting of European and Latin American publishers at the URJC
  • Wednesday, 3.
    • The URJC hosts the annual meeting of UNESCO Communication Chairs
    • Zapatero, Montoro and Almunia will deal with the reform of Article 135 of the Constitution


  • Friday, 15. The student Eva Martín Charro designs the logo for the XNUMXth Anniversary of the URJC