25 anniversary
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The celebration of the 25A has an Organizing Commission and an Honor Committee.


The general organization of the celebration program and the coordination of the activities is the responsibility of an Organizing Commission, made up of:

  • Guillermo Calleja Pardo, Professor – Prof. Emeritus, Honorary Rector of the URJC (Chairman of the Commission)
  • Carmen Caffarel Serra, professor
  • Roberto Cano de la Cuerda, full professor
  • Mª Victoria Nebot Boberg, Coordination Vice-Manager
  • Enrique Otero Huerta, Professor – Prof. Emeritus, Honorary Rector of the URJC
  • Asela Pintado Sanz, Director of Institutional Relations and the Rector's Office.
  • Jose Manuel Vera Santos, professor

The Organizing Committee meets weekly, and has the support of the Rector, who is promptly informed of its progress, and the university's governing team. In the development of the commemorative activities, all the Faculties and Schools are counted on, with the teaching and research staff (PDI), the students and the administrative and services staff (PAS).

For this, the Organizing Commission establishes thematic Commissions, according to areas of activity, which are normally chaired by a member of the Organizing Commission and made up of members of the university community who can and want to contribute their experience and knowledge.

Some of these thematic Commissions are the following:

  • Scientific culture commission (with Carmen Caffarel/Roberto Cano)
  • Sports activities commission (with Enrique Otero)
  • Traveling exhibition commission (with José Manuel Vera)
  • NGO Commission (with Roberto Cano)


The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the URJC has an Honor Committee, with the following personalities:

  • Isabel Díaz-Ayuso, President Community of Madrid
  • Amancio López Seijas, President of the Social Council
  • María Pilar Llop Cuenca, Minister of Justice
  • José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid
  • Francisco Javier Ayala Ortega, Mayor of Fuenlabrada
  • Natalia de Andrés del Pozo, Mayor of Alcorcón
  • María José Martínez de la Fuente, Mayor of Aranjuez
  • Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, Spokesperson of the VOX Parliamentary Group
  • Edmundo Bal Francés, Citizens Spokesperson
  • Miguel Garrido de la Cierva, President of the Madrid Business Confederation-CEOE
  • Chema Alonso Cebrián, Chief Digital Consumer Officer. Telephone