Inaugurated the photographic exhibition They:Live


The photographic exhibition inaugurated on October 28 can be visited in classroom I of the Fuenlabrada Campus of the URJC. This project tries to explain and delve into the life of students from 1945 to the present day through different collaborative creation workshops. For the exhibition, a total of 75 photographs have been selected that try to compare the life of students back then compared to now.

Through the online workshops that preceded the exhibition, an international team of ten students participated in the methodological process of curating the photographic exhibition, which was designed and directed by Dubravka Radusinović. This process made it possible for contemporary students to come into contact with the lives of students of previous generations, establish deep and meaningful communication with them, and learn not only something about the lives of these people, but also something about themselves and their own lives. student life.


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