Be interested in the XNUMXst Student Congress on Microorganisms and Health

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The activity will be held on April 5, 2022


El “I Student Congress on Microorganisms and Health” will be led by students from various university degrees and will deal with the transmission, prevention, hygiene and control of infectious diseases. The subject will be approached in a scientific way, but explained through cases and everyday situations to contribute to the improvement of general health in an easy and entertaining way.

For you, the students, the conference will:

  • Generate a space for reflection on prevention and hygiene measures in health from complementary points of view, thanks to the different Degrees from which you come.
  • Allow you to have the experience of a real congress since you will be both the communicators and the public, and it will serve as a meeting point with other people.
  • Stimulate interest in scientific research and dissemination.

Aimed at: Any URJC student. 

How to participate?

 1st Step: Registration

Registration is only required for the students making a communicationPeople who wish to attend in public are welcome without registration.

Deadline February 20 23:59

All communications will be made in parejas.

Sign up here: (you will receive a confirmation email from the email: )

2nd Step: Preparation of the communication

To each pair of students will be randomly assigned the format oral or poster presentation and the theme. In addition, she will be put in contact with a teacher who will accompany her and solve any doubts that may arise in the preparation of the communication.

Couples who make poster you can download the following template with the expected measurements (A0 portrait, 84 x 118 cm) and font size:!Al5BSwWddpaNb8zLlQvrJgeUdAQ?e=70twF3. The posters will be infographic type, with the information very synthesized and clear to understand in a few minutes.

For oral communication You can make use of slides, videos, objects... all the material that will serve you for a greater understanding by the public. The exposure time will be 5 - 10 minutes per couple. 

All the topics will deal with prevention, hygiene and control measures in infectious diseases and more specifically on infections transmitted by respiratory, sexual, food, etc., in a creative way.. It will include practical or everyday cases, dramatizations, answers to questions such as "What would happen if...?" or “Why do we have to… stop…?” or hoaxes and urban myths…

As an example of creative dissemination, you can see communications (in this case videos) made by URJC medical students at:

3rd Step: Send communications

Deadline March 20 23:59

Communications can be delivered at the following link:

Communications will be later revised by teachers.

What must be delivered?:

  • oral communications: You have to deliver both visual file that you will use in your communication as the short text of what you are going to explain. If it is in PowerPoint format, you must include the text at the bottom of the slides where it says "notes", if it is in another format, it would be done in a similar way so that the visual content and what you are going to tell orally can be reviewed. If you do not use the computer, but objects or you do a dramatization, you must submit a text telling your performance.
  • PosterYou have to deliver the poster in PDF format. (The congress organizers are in charge of printing the poster on paper).

The congress:

On April 5 from 12-14 pm in Lecture Hall I of the Alcorcón Campus of the URJC. 

  • will pass with sessions of oral communications and sample of the posters divided into time slots.
  • Each couple will be assigned a time slot to share their creation. 

Attendance certificates:

A certificate of participation will be sent by e-mail to all the people who have attended and presented a communication (either orally or in poster format).

Questions and doubts: Write to  




February 20 23:59

Registrations are closed

22-26 February

You will receive information on format and topics

March 20 23:59

Sending of the communication

April 5 12-14pm

Celebration of the Congress

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Clip Picture002Clip Picture003organizers: The congress was born as an initiative promoted by URJC teachers belonging to two departments and various areas. In alphabetical order: Gema Vera Pasamontes, Isabel González Azcárate, María del Alba González-Escalada Mena, María Soledad García Gómez de las Heras, Patricia Marín García.


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