FCS teachers organize the "Sugar and Health" activity

Posted by Francisco Molina Rueda

The activity was aimed at the sixth grade students of the CRA Ribera de Guadyerbas Center, winner of the contest "Draw a person who is dedicated to science and give him a name", organized by the SEBBM


La Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology organize the contest "Draw a person who is dedicated to science and give him a name." The award-winning school was CRA Ribera de Guadyerbas Center. The prize for this contest is to visit a laboratory in your city. Therefore, the students of the aforementioned center, by virtue of their award, have gone to the facilities of the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

Specifically, several FCS professors, many of them from the LIPOBETA high performance research groupThey prepared the activity “Sugar and health”. The students carried out various tasks to become aware of what a high consumption of sugar means and the meaning of diabetes.

The teachers who have participated are:

  • Gemma Medina Gomez
  • Adriana Izquierdo Lahuerta
  • peace grandson
  • Davis Sanchez-Infants
  • Borja Lanzón
  • Marina Martin Taboada
  • Elvira Bragado
  • Patricia Corrales Cordon
  • Paul Fernandez
  • Stella Maris Gomez

You can see some images below:

Gem Medina 1

Gem Medina 2

Gem Medina 3


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