Come to the Night of the Investigators at the FCS

Written by Francisco Molina Rueda

This edition will be held on September 30 at the Alcorcón campus

El Vice President for Research, through the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+ and the Faculty of Health Sciences organize this year the thirteenth European Night of Researchers in Madrid at the Alcorcón Campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University Avda de Atenas, s/n, CP 28922 Alcorcón).

The scheduled activities will be held under the title “Towards a future without cancer”. The scientific community of the URJC will show different lines of research related to the prevention of cancer risk factors, promotion of healthy habits, new technologies for the early detection of cancer and novel methods for the treatment of the disease and its sequelae.

The activity will also include recreational activities, such as a live music concert, which will take place at the end of the afternoon. 

Here we list the activities proposals:

  • Cancer from a psychological perspective
  • Nanoparticles and their excitation in the detection and medical treatments of cancer.
  • Workshop on narratives of the cancer care health process
  • Cancer and cinema. Promotion of healthy habits
  • Mediterranean diet: an ally against cancer
  • How do cancer treatments affect movement?
  • The role of microorganisms in the origin and solution of cancer
  • Cancer and Obesity, know your risk
  • Hemp and Cancer, dangerous friendships?
  • Tools for health promotion: three lines of action to face cancer
  • Training the brain through neurofeedback: application to cognitive dysfunction in cancer
  • Antitumor drugs: from design to the patient
  • Battle of the immune system!
  • How do cancer treatments work? Design it yourself!

You can consult the program and register here!


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