Mental health. Dialogues in the Senate with the participation of Occupational Therapy

Written by Francisco Molina Rueda

 Jorge Pérez Corrales attended the meeting as a representative of the Mental Health Commission of the General Council of Colleges of Occupational Therapists



On October 20, the Senate held the Dialogue on Mental Health, framed within Dialogues on the well-being of citizens, a series of meetings related to the pillars of the welfare state, designed as spaces for participation and exchange of ideas between social entities, professional and scientific organizations, civil society, parliamentarians and government representatives. 

In the meeting they participated Nuria Mateo Ballesta, member of the Board of Directors of General Council of Colleges of Occupational Therapists (CGCTO), and Jorge Perez Corrales, professor of the Department of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine of the URJC, who came as representative of the Mental Health Commission of the CGCTO.

The meeting held allowed for Proposals for improving care for people with mental suffering, both at a healthcare and structural level, among which a greater development of the Personal Recovery Model and the Community Model in Spain, and an expansion of ratios and professional profiles in Primary Care, specifically the inclusion of occupational therapists in the portfolio of services at this level of care, which promotes the prevention of mental health problems and the promotion of the health of citizens . 

CGCTO in Senate 1

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