Doctoral theses. Eva Mercado Delgado receives one of the awards for the "Best Thesis on Pain"

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The prize is awarded by the Spanish Society of Pain



La Dr. Eva Market Delgado, has obtained one of the prizes for the “Best Thesis in Pain”, granted by the Spanish Society of Pain. The doctoral thesis is entitled: “Role of the SGK1.1 protein in acute nociception and in the neuropathy developed by paclitaxel” and has been directed by the professors, Carlos Goicoechea García and Eva Mª Sánchez Robles, from the Department of Basic Health Sciences of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Spanish Society of Pain has awarded prizes to the 7 best doctoral theses presented in the field of pain, with the primary objective of highlighting the work and effort of those professionals who dedicate their work to the treatment of pain, to the dissemination and awareness of any aspect related to pain, as well as preclinical and clinical research in this field.

The prizes were awarded at the XVIII Congress of the Spanish Pain Society held in Valencia from October 26 to 29.




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