Faculty Board of the FCS. Elections

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Voting will take place on December 2.

Consult the announcement and calendar of the Elections to the Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences, here!.

Documents published in electronic headquarters:

Next steps:

  • La resolution of challenges and definitive proclamation of candidacies It will take place on November 15.
  • El deadline to request census certifications ends on November 16.
  • Development of the electoral campaign: November 16 to November 30 (both included)
  • Last day for the appointment of auditors: November 25
  • Day of reflection: December 1
  • Vote: December 2
  • Publication of results of the count: December 5
  • Presentation of claims: December 7, 12 and 13
  • Resolution of the claims made on the scrutiny and definitive proclamation of results: December 16
  • Constitutive session of the Faculty Board: December 19.
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