FCS Agenda in Science and Innovation Week

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The Faculty of Health Sciences organizes more than 40 activities 


We inform you of the activities organized within the framework of the 2022 Science and Innovation Week. This edition includes a wide and diverse agenda of events at the FCS. To facilitate their dissemination and registration, we have organized the activities by date and included their specific link in the name of each one of them.



7 nov. Train and assemble human resources of social organizations through online teaching strategies         

7 nov. The podcast as a tool for knowledge management

7 nov. Learning about chronic pain: a view from Psychology


8 nov. Manufacture of a medicine: from the molecule to the pharmacy                   

8 nov. Physiological perspective of our emotions: a laboratory task       

8 nov. Neuroscience of Personal Well-being                     

8 nov. Emotional Management of Chronic Pain      

8 nov. Understanding diversity in relationships: the revolution of love?                           

8 nov. My sensitivity as a psychologist to sex-affective and gender diversity


9 nov. How to apply qualitative research results in people with carpal tunnel in undergraduate teaching

9 nov. How to manage our emotions

9 nov. life through a microscope

9 nov. Sweeten your life with health                         


10 nov. Virtual reality, augmented reality, cinema and medicine

10 nov. Knowing the tools of psychological evaluation: a journey through its history            


11 nov. Writing of scientific articles in qualitative research

11 nov. Awakening vocations: we bring you closer to the world of tissue engineering. What can we get?

11 nov. Results of the impact of confinement by COVID-19 on psychological well-being

11 nov. your digestive tract          

11 nov. Dental trauma: Protocols to save teeth                    

11 nov. Quantitative measurement of pain in a psychology laboratory. PATHWAY system        


14 nov. Extraction of scientific results on quantitative study: practical workshop                

14 nov. Mindfulness in everyday life            

14 nov. Physiotherapy and Pediatric Palliative Care    

14 nov. dementias in the movies


15 nov. Barriers and motivations for the practice of physical activity in Spanish children and adolescents

15 nov. How to escape toxic circles: Escape Room                       

15 nov. Baby Led Weaning: complementary feeding in the baby   

15 nov. Analyzing Personal Constructs: Grid Technique Workshop                           

15 nov. Healthy arteries, happy heart

15 nov. Quantitative measurement of pain in a psychology laboratory: cold pressor and pinprick 

15 nov. Experience of parents with children with epileptic and developmental encephalopathy: a qualitative study and teaching implications


16 nov. Measurement of blood oxygenation at the brain level: laboratory test

16 nov. Brain and obesity (I): Science helps us understand how the brain makes us fat                   

16 nov. Brain and obesity (II): Biological ideal weight workshop

16 nov. VI Conference on Psychology and Criminology


17 nov. How is research done in psychology?                           

17 nov. Clinical simulation as a teaching tool in Health Sciences: examples of its application


18 nov. Current research in dependent care                           

18 nov. Practical workshop on interventions for people with dementia and families             

18 nov. How to apply the experience of having a child with Phelan Mc-Dermid in the Occupational Therapy Degree

18 nov. The secrets of your skeleton: your bones speak                          

18 nov. Qualitative research in the geriatric field


21 nov. Qualitative research and mixed designs in health sciences: Application in teaching innovation and analysis of the learning process             


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