December 15. Obesity Day

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Join the network challenge #activatejidopardo


Thursday will be held Obesity Day. On this day the Spanish Obesity Society (SEEDO) and Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) They have come together to hold a press conference and make a reminder about the importance of obesity research. 

The press conference will take place in the Duque Room of the Hotel Santo Mauro (Zurbano, 36). Researchers and science communicators such as Apothecary Garcia y Ricardo More. The URJC High Performance Research Group will also participate LIPOBETA.

In addition, the challenge will be launched through networks #activateyourbrownweed, that asks people to send videos for show how they activate their brown adipose tissue. Watch here!.

The solution to this challenge will be given on December 15, showing with thermographic cameras how brown adipose tissue is activated. Anyone who is interested can attend the hotel. You can check the poster here!


Disseminate and access information with the hastag #ObesityDay



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