Divulgation. The importance of brown adipose tissue: the fat that loses weight.

Written by Francisco Molina Rueda

Gema Medina disseminates the latest advances on brown fat in various media

The teacher medina gem, URJC University Professor, is an expert in research on brown adipose tissue.

One of the most relevant lines of research in the field of obesity consists of the study of brown (or brown) adipose tissue, also called brown fat.

At present, various studies have shown that brown fat is a protection system to eliminate the excess of what we consume through the diet and prevent it from being deposited in the form of white fat (obesity).

How to activate brown fat?

The Spanish Society of Obesity (SEEDO) and the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) launched the information campaign on social networks to encourage the population to activate this brown fat with the label #activatutejidopardo.

Experts recommend the following strategies: 1) perform physical exercise; 2) take care of the thermal environment (high temperatures block the activity of brown fat, therefore, it is recommended to increase activity outdoors and lower ambient temperatures indoors) and 3) restrict calorie intake.

Media presence

Gema Medina has been in charge, together with other professionals, of disseminating the importance of these findings for health. The URJC teacher has attended and collaborated on various programs, such as: “Con Bata Blanca” on RTVE – Listen here!, “Ya es Mediodía” by Telecinco – See here!, as well as various written media: a B C, take careplus, infosalus, pressreader y medical gazette.