Scholarships for study aid DUPLO PROGRAM (Gregal Foundation)

Written by Francisco Antonio Gómez Esquer

Duplo study grants are financial aid for students interested in the experience of sharing time with the elderly in residences. It is about carrying out non-assistance accompaniment activities on a continuous basis.

The Gregal Foundation has designed the DUPLO PROGRAM with the aim of promoting intergenerational coexistence between older people and young students. Through this program it is intended to promote the exchange of experiences and interaction between both groups with a certain stability throughout the academic year.
The DUPLO PROGRAM tries to establish a profitable and motivating relationship framework for both seniors and students. In this sense, the objectives of the DUPLO PROGRAM are considered to be:
• Make it possible for university students, through their relationship with the elderly, to acquire new experiences, broadening their perspective on the situation of the elderly in society. The accompanying activities carried out also have a formative value for the students, by allowing them to develop their social, interpersonal and communication skills in the framework of this learning program with a view to their future professional insertion.
• Encourage the academic development and autonomy of students in their university stage through financial aid for study for the purposes indicated in the bases of the call.
• Improve the quality of life and expectations of the elderly.
The Foundation has signed an agreement with the Rey Juan Carlos University, so that students who are studying official Bachelor's and Master's degrees at this university can participate in the DUPLO PROGRAM, as long as they do not exceed the age of 30.
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