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Pérez the Mouse will collect teeth at the URJC to help science

Starting this October, the University Clinic and Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+I) will collaborate with the ninth award campaign... read +

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The 'To' Market returns to Aranjuez

The initiative, carried out by several students from the artistic branch of the URJC, reaches its 3rd edition with 28 stands each day. read +

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Two URJC students, winners of the 2022 Talent and Technology Awards

The students Medina Ayta Mohammed and Antonio del Bosque have been awarded for their Master's Thesis, in the categories of Fintech and New Mov... read +

Own names

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Miguel Ángel Fernández Sanjuán receives the “James Yorke Award”

The URJC professor has received this recognition for his groundbreaking achievements in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory. read +

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Professor Laureano Escudero receives the SEIO medal

The URJC professor collected this award during the award ceremony for the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Statistics and Research Awards, whose acts... read +

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The student Andrés García Cuevas, second prize in the Adonáis Poetry Prize

The 22-year-old has achieved recognition for his collection of poems 'The Cities', a work that delves into themes such as love, death and urban life. The... read +

Scientific News

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Increased drought will decrease the diversity of plant communities

This is the main result of a study carried out by the Rey Juan Carlos and Complutense universities of Madrid, which has observed how periods... read +

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Everything prepared for the most scientific night of the year

This Friday, September 30, the URJC will celebrate the thirteenth European Night of Researchers in Madrid. The program of activities will revolve... read +

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Training games to communicate about Covid-19 with scientific rigor

A study carried out by the URJC has evaluated the possibilities of efficient production of serious games or training games in the field of communication... read +