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Aula FCCOM is the set of Production Units of the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the URJC. They have an Audiovisual Production Company, an Advertising Agency, and a Digital Publication. Currently, the three areas collaborate jointly on several projects of different entities, both within the university, as well as with social agents, organizations and entities with which the University has established lines of cooperation, as well as with the field of culture, or training.

The FCCOM classrooms are a creation, production and content development laboratory, as well as a space for the dissemination of activities in the Faculty of Communication and in the URJC itself. The activities that are developed in the production units of Aula FCCOM cover a wide scope of work, related to the different contents taught in the Faculty and working transversally with other disciplines.

Since the creation of Aula FCCOM in February 2020, the units have collaborated on several projects, as well as preparing audiovisual and multimedia materials, teaching materials, and teaching courses, workshops, and seminars.

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FCCOM URJC Classrooms 

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Events - Training


Courses - Workshops - Seminars: Coming soon


Courses - Workshops - Seminars: History

Fundamental Aspects of Unreal Engine for the Creation of Multimedia Content in Virtual Reality
Taught by: Álvaro D. Larios.
28-03-2022. 19:00-21:00. Fuenlabrada Campus.
29-03-2023. 19:00-21:00. Fuenlabrada Campus.

course UE4 ss unreal rv alvaro d larios coord jose luis Rubio Tamayo 




VFX techniques for 3D HUD recreation in After Effects

Taught by: Ignacio Sagrario Furest. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo
Advertising agency. FCCOM classrooms.

28-08-2022. 19:00-21:00. Fuenlabrada Campus

 20220228 ignacio sagrario vfx jose luis Rubio Tamayo


 Advertising in the Age of the Metaverse. The New Immersive Proposals

Taught by: Veronica Rodriguez. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo
Advertising agency. FCCOM classrooms.

16-12-2021. 19:00-21:00. Lecture Hall I. Fuenlabrada Campus.

Masterclass virtual reality iamvr Jose Luis Rubio Tamayo



VFX and Motion Graphics Applied to Advertising. Techniques with After Effects and 2D Animation Edition

Taught by: Ignacio Sagrario Furest. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo
Advertising agency. FCCOM classrooms.

10-12-2021. 11:00-13:00. Quintana Campus (Madrid)

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1st Edition of Motor, Communication and Journalism.

On May 11 and 12, the first edition of Motor, Communication and Journalism will be held.
The event can be followed in person and through the broadcast that Motor1 will facilitate through its Social Networks (except the photography workshop, which will only be in person). The sanitary measures to combat COVID force the capacity to be reduced to a limit of 50 attendees. It will take place in the Assembly Hall of the Management Building. Those interested in following the event in person should write an email to:

In the subject indicate: Engine, Communication and Journalism. Request for:

The text will detail the request only based on one of the following options:

    Attendance on days 11 and 12 and the Photography workshop.
    Attendance on the 11th and the Photography workshop.
    Attendance on days 11 and 12.
    Attendance on day 11.
    Attendance on day 12.

Once all applications have been received, an email will be sent based on the order of arrival of the same, confirming the seat reservation. If no response email is received, it means that the capacity is complete. In any case, punctuality is requested, as well as maintaining the current health security measures.




New Narrative Formats and Content Generation Applied to the Field of Advertising
Taught by: Pedro Alves. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo

Advertising agency. FCCOM classrooms.
21-12-2020. 19:00-21:00. Via Teams

 Course Brand Archetypes Pedro Alves Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo Leticia Moreno Sanz



Extended Reality Applications: Crossing Into a New Dimension of Content Creation
Taught by: Verónica Rodríguez Pérez. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo
Advertising agency. FCCOM classrooms.
02-12-2020. 18:00-19:00. Via Teams


Veronica Rodriguez


Fundamental Technical Aspects Applied to Advergaming in Real Time Rendering Engines
Taught by: Álvaro Domínguez. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo.
30-11-2020. 19:00-20:30. Via Teams
03-12-2020. 19:00-20:30. Via Teams

 The Oathkeeper by Álvaro Domínguez


Online Course on Content Development and Rendering for Immersive Stories
Taught by: Estefany Durán. Coordinated by Jose Luis Rubio-Tamayo.
Advertising agency. FCCOM classrooms.
25-11-2020. 17:00-19:00. Via Teams
26-11-2020. 19:00-21:00. Via Teams.



Introduction to MoJo Online Course. Doing Journalism with Mobile.
Taught by: Marcela Paoli, David Corroto, Sergio Moreno and Clara García Notario. Coordinated by: Beatriz Catalina-Garcia
Digital Publications. FCCOM classroom.
23-11-2020. 15:30-17:00. Via Teams.
24-11-2020. 15:30-17:00. Via Teams.
25-11-2020. 15:30-17:00. Via Teams.
26-11-2020. 15:30-17:00. Via Teams.




Online Teaching Materials

Product Rendering with Blender for Advertising Purposeswith Alvaro Dominguez

FCCOM Agency

rendering products with blender advertising purposes alvaro dominguez 2021 youtube jose luis Rubio Tamayo


Craft Typography Workshop applied to Advertising Design, with Roberto Gamonal

 FCCOM Agency.

impresion familiaplomez 202106 recorded roberto gamonal jose luis Rubio Tamayo