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aid to ukraine

1. A procedure is initiated so that the departments of our university can invite professors from Ukrainian universities to carry out research stays with us, for an initial period of 3 months. For now, between 5 and 10 places will be made available in this regard and the directors who want to apply for them must contact the Vice-Rectorate for Research to proceed with the necessary procedures to formalize the invitation letters.

2.- Likewise, some professors from the Faculty of Health Sciences, who have collaborated for years with the Zaporizhzhya Hospital, are proceeding to collect medical supplies for shipment to said hospital. In the Campus of Alcorcón containers are enabled in this regard.

3.- The university has activated the account number ES26 2100 6428 2013 0006 0408 to receive donations that allow us to acquire surgical material that is not available in pharmacies. If any member of the university community wants to collaborate, they will have to put the word UKRAINE in the transfer concept. This material will also be sent to the Zaporizhzhya Hospital.



Action network for Ukraine - Social Action Legal Clinic (usal.es)

Ukrainians under the age of 18 who are in Spanish territory and are not accompanied by an adult or entity responsible for them will receive two types of protection: on the one hand, protection as minors and, on the other, protection as foreigners arriving in Spain. is guide Their situation and the process of obtaining the protection or protections at the legal level are explained.

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Ukrainian students interested in continuing their undergraduate studies at URJC

The URJC has enabled a contact form for Ukrainian students interested in continuing their undergraduate studies at the URJC. Each case will be reviewed individually in order to assess the necessary measures to favor the admission process. 

Access to the form  (until June 24, 2022)

Santander Language Scholarships - Spanish for Ukrainians (Іспанська мова для українців)

Banco Santander has launched this support program for the Ukrainian population that is in Spain to facilitate their integration into our country.

1.000 scholarships are offered in three different calls, whose registration can be made between the end of April and the end of June, with the aim of being able to carry out the training course as they need it. This program aimed at nationals of Ukraine over 18 years of age who are refugees and / or welcomed in Spain to the date of publication of the call for the Program, so that they can carry out a training program, through UNED, to obtain the level of linguistic comprehension, an A1 level of Spanish.

The program will consist of a 50-hour training in Spanish for Ukrainians living in Spain, which will preferably be taught face-to-face and synchronously from the UNED centers distributed nationwide. UNED will make available to the candidates the centers that it has distributed at a national level where they can approach to carry out the training. The training will last 50 hours to be completed in 3-4 weeks. Those who cannot or do not need to travel to a UNED center will be able to complete the training online.



Number of scholarships: 250

Term: 20/04 to 03/05

Requests: through https://app.becas-santander.com/es/program/becas-santander-idiomas-espanol-para-ucranianos 

Start: May 9

Aact of solidarity in the URJC with Ukraine

Solidarity act in the URJC with Ukraine, in which different personalities and students of Ukrainian origin have read the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights.

Collection of material in three URJC campuses

Material collection points in three campuses of the @urjc

They ask us for medicines and food, but packaged in Iatas not in glass, and avoid wearing clothes, they have to take advantage of shipments and they do NOT need clothes

help ukraine

Institutional declaration of the URJC on the invasion of Ukraine

The Rey Juan Carlos University states:

  • Your solidarity with the population of Ukraine and, especially, with its universities.
  • It strongly condemns the attack.
  • It expressly calls on all members of its university community to do everything possible to denounce and pressure, in order to achieve an end to this unacceptable situation.
  • It commits itself to the Ukrainian universities, and to the population in general, to collaborate in any initiative that is possible and that is designed to provide support.
  • It will use all its channels to spread its absolute rejection of these actions contrary to the international order.
  • It undertakes not to collaborate, while this situation lasts, with any agency of the Russian government or of other countries that support this invasion.
  • It will support all those Russian universities and individuals who oppose this violation of international law.

The university, guarantor of the transmission of values ​​and scrupulous respect for the Rule of Law, cannot remain on the sidelines, nor show lukewarmness, when situations arise that go against its essence: freedom, dialogue, debate, diversity of opinions and critical thinking.

The Rey Juan Carlos University is clear that the defense of our democracies and the principles of human rights common to European nations are at stake.

This University does not doubt the place where it clearly wants to be, together with the people of Ukraine and its higher education institutions.