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Activities of the URJC Libraries for Book Day 2024

Today, April 23, Book Day is celebrated, and the URJC campus libraries have different activities planned for all their users.

In the library of Alcorcon campus Two activities have been scheduled in collaboration with the Vice Dean of University Extension-FCS:

  • Donate or exchange books at the Alcorcón campus library from April 22 to 26. The motto is “Give your books a second life.”
  • Recommend books. Write a post on X (Twitter), mentioning the Faculty @URJCFCS, recommending a book that you liked, with the hashtag #23abrilFCS. There will be a draw among all the recommendations.

In the library of Aranjuez campus They give you a book! They have placed a cart with second-hand books at the entrance of the library so that visitors can take those that are of interest to them.

In the library of campus of Fuenlabrada the project will be presentedBibliostories: stories in your library”, in the Palmeras room at 17 p.m. In addition, they have placed two points of interest (in the lobby and on the spiral stairs on the ground floor) with a selection of novels and essays from their leisure collection. And, following the motto of the Ministry of Culture for this year, “I live by telling and I tell by living, fiction is an essential part of existence”, by Luis Mateo Díez (Cervantes Prize 2023), they propose the following activity:

  • What book would you say has “told you the most”? Upload your photo of the book cover to social networks and #loslibrosmecuentanburjc
  • Are there so many that you don't know which one to choose? Upload a “shelfie” from your bookshelf with #loslibrosmecuentanburjc

In the library of Madrid campus They have prepared a point of interest to celebrate this day with novels about bookstores, libraries, books, readers and readings.

In the library of Mostoles campus celebrate Book Day with a point of interest, this year with the poster designed by Luci Gutiérrez, National Illustration Prize 2023 and which is inspired by a phrase by Luís Mateo Díez, Cervantes Prize 2023: "I live by telling and I tell by living, fiction It is an essential part of existence."


S WEB Goal 04 This activity is part of Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: Guarantee inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

odsxnumx This activity is part of Sustainable Development Goal No. 12: Guarantee sustainable consumption and production patterns.

odsxnumx This activity is part of Sustainable Development Goal No. 13: Adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects


March 8

The Library celebrates International Women's Day with bibliographic points of interest on the Campuses. Stop by and see them in your library!

Alcorcón Campus Library


Women and libraries: the pioneers

On the occasion of International Women's Day, the Library of the Alcorcón campus organizes a point of interest on Women and libraries: the pioneers in its multipurpose room.

The objective is to make known the first women librarians and highlight the important work they performed in history and that they continue to perform today.

It can be visited from March 8 to 15.

We also propose a challenge... We are waiting for you!

March 8 Alcorcón 


 Fuenlabrada Campus Library

Nothing but feminism, nothing less than equality

The Fuenlabrada Campus library has prepared a point of interest with works on feminism and gender equality throughout history. In it they have collected fundamental treatises on feminism along with manuals from different disciplines with a gender perspective. Along with the bibliographic material, they have selected films from their documentary collection that deal with women's stories or written and/or directed by women. They have also designed a bookmark to commemorate this day that can be found in the management building and in the library of the Fuenlabrada campus.

 8M general poster

Madrid Campus Library

Women and literature

At the Madrid Campus Library we celebrate Women's Day with a point of interest Women and literature where we show a selection of recent works written by women, some new and others already established. Our leisure collection has grown this last year and many of the new acquisitions are written by women. Some books are very well known, but we also give space to other works that are less chosen from the catalogs of prestigious publishers such as Salamandra, Errata Naturae, Impedimenta, Nórdica, Libros del Asteroide or Cabaret Voltaire, undoubtedly of great literary quality. Among the established authors we have highlighted the French writer Annie Ernaux, awarded the Nobel Prize in 2022 not only for her literary merit, which is indisputable, but because each of her works contains a certain autobiographical character and focuses on and shows the role of women. in society and the roles with which she has had to survive and that the author herself defines as a mixture of literature, sociology and history and we find them especially appropriate readings to celebrate this March 8, International Women's Day.

women's day 2024 poster 

Mostoles Campus Library


Women and Mathematics

In the Library of Móstoles this month of March we have a double celebration, on the one hand, we celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th to raise awareness about gender inequalities, promote the participation of women in decision-making, highlighting their fundamental role in society. And also on the 14th, International Mathematics Day to promote education in this discipline, and celebrate the achievements of mathematicians from around the world. Both celebrations invite us to become aware, to recognize the achievements and challenges present in these areas and to work together towards a more equitable and better future for all. These two themes are transversal to all the SDGs.

Women's Day and Mathematics Day poster 


S WEB Goal 05 This activity is framed within the Sustainable Development Goal No. 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.



Help us improve our service

In order to improve the quality of the service we offer you, it is important for the University Library to know what its users think.

For this reason, we ask you to give us your opinion by filling in this small poll which will be open from lfrom March 4 to Friday, March 22.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Help us improve our service

In order to improve the quality of the service we offer you, it is important for the University Library to know what its users think.

For this reason, we ask you to give us your opinion by filling in this small poll which will be open from lfrom March 4 to Friday, March 22.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.



On Thursday, February 22 at 12:30 there will be a new edition of “The author's corner” in the Madrid campus library where the book “THE IMPACT OF DIGITALIZATION ON CURRENT MARKETING STRATEGIES” by Luis Matosas López (Universidad Rey) will be presented Juan Carlos) and Beatriz Casais (Universidade do Minho).

The Impact of Digitalization on Current Marketing Strategies

And we will talk about publishing opportunities in Emerald publishing (Q1 SPI)






Closure of the Fuenlabrada Campus library and opening of study classrooms and computer rooms

In order to ensure the provision of study and consultation services, for the first semester exams, they have been enabled classes y computer rooms in Laboratory III on the Fuenlabrada campus, which will be available throughout the extraordinary opening period, to counteract the forced closure of the campus library.

The requirement to renovate part of the library's facilities, for risk prevention reasons that do not allow delay and that directly preserve the safety of the users themselves, requires its closure between December 18 and January 22.

To cause as little inconvenience as possible, the capacity that the library has had during extraordinary opening in recent years (pre and post pandemic) has been reviewed and sufficient classrooms have been set up to accommodate the expected influx, both for study and for online consultation. also enabling, as indicated at the beginning of this message, computer classrooms.

The Fuenlabrada Campus Library is going to enable an area for loans, returns y consultations, during the closure period.

  • Hours: Consultations, loans and returns from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m.
  • It will be necessary to send an email with the loan requests to the account
  • The physical space enabled for this service is located at the entrance of the building to the right, in the glass area where the vending machines are located.

We hope that this situation causes the least possible disruption and that normality can be restored on the scheduled dates with the guarantee of having eliminated any possible risk for those of us who enjoy this service.

Consult the skills classrooms



In the Fuenlabrada Campus Library until December 13

Within the framework of the URJC Science Week, the Ibéricas15 seminar was held on November 6 in the library of the Fuenlabrada campus, a linked activity with the perspective of different artists and researchers who analyze and think about images. Projects linked to autobiographical cinema in Portugal and the photographic archive in Spain have been presented with various working methods that offer new forms of interpretation for audiovisual narratives.

Throughout the day, the photographic exhibition titled “The Harvest” was inaugurated in El Rincón del Autor of the Fuenlabrada Library, which collects images from photographic archives linked to agricultural work carried out by women over decades in Spain. This exhibition is part of the result of the project funded by the FECYT - Ministry of Science and Innovation, “Figure and background. Iconic action to rediscover rural women. The photographic archive through art.” This project is directed by Professor Gema Pastor in which, among others, Professor Diana Fernández Romero and the visual artist Rocío Bueno, members of the Noctiluca Collective, participate.

Professor Silvia Magro Vela gave a guided tour of the exhibition and highlighted that it has a wide range of images compiled from official archives, many of them the result of contests held over time by the Ministry of Agriculture. Those attending the conference were encouraged to carefully observe the public exhibition that will remain until December 13 in the lobby of the library on the Fuenlabrada campus.

At Ibéricas6, Professor Gema Pastor showed the project “Figure and Background” and together with Professor Diana Fernández they developed different aspects of female identity in the rural world through artistic mediation. Cultural mediation in agricultural areas was addressed and the importance of why only a small percentage of women own farmland in the world was reflected on in order to propose an approach to the problems that this implies and its possible transformation.

Women and photographs

During the second part of the seminar, two researchers narrated their experience with the image from different perspectives. The Portuguese professor Ana Catarina Pereira from the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the Universidade da Beira Interior, reported on the project “SPECULUM – Filming and Seeing Yourself in the Mirror: The use of own writing by Portuguese-language documentary filmmakers”, subsidized by the Foundation for Science and Technology. Professor Pereira carried out an introspection on women who film and women in the film scene as a result of the SPECULUM research in which professors Ana Catarina Pereira and Caterina Cucinotta participate.

Professor Marta Martín Núñez, from the Universitat Jaume I, explained the project “Photographic Memory of the Civil War”, financed by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Cortes and Democratic Memory. This work has the objective of generating an archive of photobooks to think about “what memory we want to build of the Spanish Civil War.” It is part of the construction of memory from the vision of grandchildren and relatives. At the same time, the back room of a photobook archive was made visible in order to show how to obtain this type of material and its subsequent digitization with the aim of creating an open resource for science.

Professors Sonia Núñez and Raquel Rodríguez also participated in the seminar and it was attended by the students of the official master's degree in “Cultural Journalism and New Trends” within the framework of the subject “Workshop for the completion of the Master's Thesis”. Ibéricas6 responds to a cultural and pedagogical initiative that is the beneficiary of one of the grants from the “Innovation and teaching improvement projects” of the Faculty of Communication Sciences.


odsxnumx  This activity is part of Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: Guarantee inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

odsxnumx  This activity is framed within Sustainable Development Goal No. 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.


Do you like to write?

 Dare to submit your story to this initiative in which the University library is the main protagonist.

You can see it published!

You have until the November 20th to send your story. The maximum length is 350 words. Additionally, if you are a student, you will get 0,37 ECTS.


For more information consult the BURJC Citizen Science portal. 



 odsxnumx   This activity is part of Sustainable Development Goal No. 4: Guarantee inclusive, equitable and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.


20 years since the Berlin Declaration on Open Access

The Rey Juan Carlos University Library is going to prepare a virtual coffee on October 25 at 9:30 a.m. together with OfiLibre to celebrate Open Access Week 2023.
The talk will be titled, «20 years since the Berlin Declaration on Open Access».

We look forward to your participation.

Virtual Cafe






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