Closure of the Fuenlabrada Campus library and opening of study classrooms and computer rooms

In order to ensure the provision of study and consultation services, for the first semester exams, they have been enabled classes y computer rooms in Laboratory III on the Fuenlabrada campus, which will be available throughout the extraordinary opening period, to counteract the forced closure of the campus library.

The requirement to renovate part of the library's facilities, for risk prevention reasons that do not allow delay and that directly preserve the safety of the users themselves, requires its closure between December 18 and January 22.

To cause as little inconvenience as possible, the capacity that the library has had during extraordinary opening in recent years (pre and post pandemic) has been reviewed and sufficient classrooms have been set up to accommodate the expected influx, both for study and for online consultation. also enabling, as indicated at the beginning of this message, computer classrooms.

The Fuenlabrada Campus Library is going to enable an area for loans, returns y consultations, during the closure period.

  • Hours: Consultations, loans and returns from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m.
  • It will be necessary to send an email with the loan requests to the account
  • The physical space enabled for this service is located at the entrance of the building to the right, in the glass area where the vending machines are located.

We hope that this situation causes the least possible disruption and that normality can be restored on the scheduled dates with the guarantee of having eliminated any possible risk for those of us who enjoy this service.

Consult the skills classrooms