The Library also organizes the training activity on "Search and access to scientific information" with which you will get 1 ECTS credit for the subject of Academic Credit Recognition. You can consult more information by accessing the URJC intranet/university life/library training.


The Library User Training Service aims to train members of the University Community in the use of the Library's services and resources, as well as offering learning tools to use and assess all kinds of information sources. The URJC library offers members of the university community the à la carte training service in online and face-to-face mode, with the aim of responding to requests for training at the request of the teaching staff for their students or at the request of any member of the university community. This service is organized in sessions tailored to the needs of each applicant or group of applicants, with content on the management of resources and information tools, not reflected in the different training modalities offered by the BURJC.

Training offer - Courses

Course Description Duration
Basic formation Aimed at new students about the BURJC's services, collections and basic skills in searching for information, especially the BRAIN search engine (Resource Search Engine for Learning and Research). 1:30h.
Basic database training Practical course addressed to students to acquire skills in searches and retrieval in specialized databases and learn about their tools and utilities.
The course can be oriented to the databases of a knowledge area.
Advanced Database Training Practical course to acquire skills in the search and recovery of relevant scientific information.
The course can be oriented to the databases of an area of ​​knowledge or specific databases.
Refworks. bibliographic manager Of a practical nature on the Refworks bibliographic manager: tools and information management. 1:30h.
Support training for the TFG and TGM Aimed at students for the elaboration of the end of degree and end of master's projects. Skills will be acquired in information searches and information management through the Refworks tool. 1:30h.
Management of tools in the evaluation of research activity Aimed at teachers and researchers in the use of necessary tools to verify the quality of their publications: impact indexes, number of citations and other quality indicators. Identifiers and author profiles. 1:30h.
Training University for the Elderly and Association of University for the Elderly (AMURJC) The library and its services
Guided tour of the library
Information searches with BRAIN
Electronic library
4-hour course divided into 2 days (2h./day)