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Legal Clinic

About us

Legal Clinic Team


Director: Marta Albert Marquez.

Professor of Philosophy of Law


Coordinator: Alfonso Vicente Lorca.

Visiting Professor of Public International Law

Our focus

The Legal Clinic provides free legal advice to individuals or groups at risk of social exclusion or in a situation of vulnerability, through the preparation of reports, opinions, etc.

Requests for advice may come from collaborating entities of the legal clinic or from people who individually come to the legal clinic to request our services.

These demands will be attended by the students who carry out their practices in the Legal Clinic, duly tutored by professors or practical jurists who act as clinical mentors supervising the advice provided by the students in matters of their specialty.

Students who carry out their internships at the Legal Clinic will also develop legal literacy tasks within the StreetLaw program, and will take various training modules in which training in the so-called "soft skills" linked to the professional practice of law will predominate, as well as training technique linked to cases accepted at the Clinic.


  • Improving the learning of our students in legal disciplines and their practical dimension
  • Sensitization of students around the basic problems of social justice
  • Promotion of a university culture of solidarity, cooperation and social commitment
  • Transfer of knowledge generated at the University and collaboration with people and entities active in civil society.

Day-to-day legal clinic


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Advisory Council of the Social Clinics of the URJC


Entities with which we collaborate

Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid

Pro Bono Foundation

Full Inclusion Madrid

Sphere Foundation

Business Incubator

Social Reintegration Center Association between Pinto and Valdemoro

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