Normative / Regulation

Documentation / Forms

Development of the thesis

    Form for doctoral theses with information on personal data / Details of the Doctorate Thesis


    Doctoral thesis cover and spine model

    Thesis deposit form / Thesis submission form

    Thesis supervisor's report on authorization of the doctorate thesis defense form

    Proposal form for members of the doctoral thesis panel / Doctoral thesis examination board proposal

    Document for the evaluation of research merits / Research merits assessment document (Only for court members without six-year terms)

    Research Ethics Form / Research Ethics

    Coauthors authorization of contributions form

    Declaration of responsibility for informing collaborators / Collaborations authorization affidavit

Doctorate with international mention

    Application form for the international mention of the doctoral degree /  Application for the doctorate degree international mention

    Expert report form from foreign center for international mention

    International stay authorization form / Authorization for international visiting research

Doctorate with industrial mention

    Industrial mention application form / Application for the doctorate degree industrial mention

Good practices / Good conduct

    Code of good practices / Code of good conduct