The EIF-URJC is one of the youngest schools of the public universities in Spain that have implemented Telecommunications studies. The first class of Telecommunications Engineering students began their studies in the 2003-2004 academic year, so the first class of engineers who graduated finished their studies in 2008. In addition to the title mentioned, our school also offered two joint plans that allowed them to simultaneously study two university degrees perfectly integrated into their academic organization: one with Technical Engineering in Computer Systems, and another with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management.

In 2009 the school launched its new bachelor's and master's degrees that were to replace the Telecommunications Engineering studies within the framework of the European Higher Education Area; Four degree studies are implemented, of which three are Engineering Degrees enabling the profession of Technical Telecommunications Engineering (Audiovisual and Multimedia Systems, Telecommunication Systems and Telematics), and the fourth (Degree in Engineering in Telecommunications Technologies) It is a degree specifically conceived to prepare students to take the Telecommunications Engineering Master's degree, which is also opening. In this way, the school gives continuity to its training of telecommunications engineers in the new framework of higher education: now training and professional qualification would be acquired by taking one of the four degrees (preferably the one specifically designed for this purpose) and the master's degree .

In successive years, the school opens degrees in four other branches of knowledge:

  • Three degrees in Aerospace Engineering (since 2010) enabling the profession of Aeronautical Technical Engineering (Air Navigation, Transport and Airports and Aerospace Vehicles).
  • Degree in Biomedical Engineering (2014), which is taught in both Spanish and English.
  • Degree in Software Robotics Engineering (2018).
  • Degree in Data Science and Engineering (from 2022 and offered jointly with the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering).

Likewise, two double degrees are currently offered, both fully implemented: Double degree in Engineering in Telecommunications Systems and in Business Administration and Management, and Double Degree in Engineering in Telecommunications Technologies and Aerospace Engineering in Air Navigation.

Today, the EIF-URJC can be considered a modern polytechnic school, excellently endowed with both material resources, with almost 30 technological laboratories, as well as a young and highly-prepared faculty with excellent indicators for both teachers and researchers.