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University extension course Advertising portfolio: develop your creativity in audiovisual advertising (television & radio)

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Telephone: 91 488 70 40
Academic direction: Antonio J. Baladron Pazos

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Basic Information


The course teaches the student to generate and produce advertising ideas that value their creativity and help them create a competitive creative portfolio to apply successfully in the advertising job market.

It is structured in 3 100% practical workshops, in which different professional cases are addressed for analysis, generation of advertising ideas and audiovisual production (television & radio) of the same. All this under the personalized guidance of active professionals in Advertising and experts in audiovisual production.

It consists of: 100% practical classes on case resolution, brief analysis and advertising ideation; 100% practical classes in technical spaces; and individual or group tutorials to resolve doubts and prepare projects.


The main objectives of the course are that the student:

  • Get knowledge about personal branding strategies and how to develop and disseminate your creative portfolio to be competitive when applying to the advertising job market.
  • Develop, under the supervision of advertising creatives, your ability to creatively solve advertising briefs of different types and product categories, enhancing your creative fluency and your ability to generate ideas that value your creative potential when applying them in advertising. agencies and advertising companies.
  • Produce, under the personalized supervision of expert technicians and with the technological tools that the university can provide you, audiovisual advertising pieces (television & radio) that you can incorporate into your creative portfolio.


General skills:

  • Ability to apply creative thinking in professional environments.
  • Ability to work in a team in professional environments and for the management and resolution of conflicts in the context of group work.
  • Ability to evaluate and critically analyze ideas and projects, both their own and those of others.
  • Ability to adapt solutions to professional problems to the resources and time available.
  • Ability to make decisions autonomously and proactively.

Specific skills:

  • Ability to generate ideas and creatively solve professional advertising problems.
  • Ability to apply technological tools for the production of creative advertising projects of an audiovisual nature.
  • Ability to efficiently present and defend creative advertising projects.
  • Ability to design and disseminate a competitive advertising portfolio for insertion in the advertising labor market.


The course is made up of the following workshops:





ideation workshop

- Basic notions on portfolio creation and dissemination, personal branding, entrepreneurship and strategies for job success.

- Resolution of briefs for audiovisual advertising: television and radio.


TV production workshop

From storyboard, elaboration of creative piece for television medium: language and audiovisual filming and digital edition of advertising video.


Radio production workshop

Starting from the script, elaboration of a creative piece for radio media: locution and sound editing.



Access requirements:

No university degree or professional experience is required to enroll in the course. Therefore, the admission profile in the course corresponds to:

  • Students of the Degrees of Advertising and PR.
  • Students of other Degrees, both in Communication and in other areas interested in making a professional career in the world of Advertising.
  • Graduates of both Communication Degrees and other areas interested in making a professional career in the world of P
  • Professionals in the field of Communication and Advertising who wish to update their training in this field.

Selection criteria:

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered, a selection will be made based on the following criteria: academic curriculum (50%) and letter of reasons in which the applicant defends his profile to be selected (50%).

Number of Places: 12

Academic Management and Faculty

Academic direction:

  • Antonio J. Baladrón Pazos, University Professor, Faculty of Communication Sciences

Professional teaching staff active advertising creative directors:

  • Miguel Ángel Duo, Creative Director China Madrid
  • Marcos Urroz, Independent Creative Director
  • Mario Lumbreras, Creative Director and Screenwriter *R

URJC faculty expert in audiovisual production:

  • Manuel Sánchez Cid, University Professor, Faculty of Communication Sciences
  • Rebeca Martín Nieto, Hired Professor Doctor, Faculty of Communication Sciences

Duration and development

Modality: Onsite

Number of credits: 7

Contact hours: 57

Place of delivery: Fuenlabrada Campus

Opening hours: Friday from 16:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m. or 21:00 p.m. for 14 weeks

Start date: 23th September 2022

End date: January 20, 2023

Reservation of place and enrollment

Pre-registration period: June 1, 2022 to July 15, 2022

Enrollment deadline: September 1 to 15, 2022

Title price: 570€

Possibility of scholarship (if applicable): yes

Pre-registration: €0. The student will pay the registration, within the established term, once the admission has been communicated.

The start of the course is conditioned to the minimum number of students enrolled.



Documentation to attach, forms and place of delivery

the applicants they will present all the scanned documentation, in the formats allowed through the telematic self-registration application at the time of applying for admission to own degrees. They must compulsorily attach to their request the declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format.

At any time, both the Program Management and the Own Teaching Service may request the applicants to submit said certified/collated documentation through the General Registry, located on the Móstoles Campus, or in any of the registries assistants located in the different campuses of the Rey Juan Carlos University, or by sending it through Certified Mail to: Rey Juan Carlos University. General Registry. Avda. Tulipán s/n. 28933. Mostoles. Madrid

The student is responsible for the veracity and correctness of the data provided, exonerating the Rey Juan Carlos University from any responsibility and guaranteeing and being responsible for its accuracy, validity and authenticity.

Required documentation:

Students with a degree obtained from a Spanish university or a Higher Education Institution belonging to another Member State of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes access to own postgraduate degrees must present the following documentation:

  • National Identity Document or equivalent
  • University degree of the studies that give access to the requested postgraduate degree.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Responsible declaration of veracity of the data provided in digital format
  • Any other document that the Director of the Own Title specifically requires for its acceptance

Students with a foreign degree must present the following documentation:

  • Passport or Residence Card
  • Foreign Higher Education Degree (Graduate, Graduate, Architect, Engineer Doctor...) that give access to own postgraduate degree studies.
  • Certificate certifying that the studies carried out give access to an Official Postgraduate Degree in your country of origin, issued by the University of origin
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format
  • Any other document that the Director of the Own Title specifically requires for its acceptance

Applicants with studies completed in foreign University Centers may be requested at any time a certificate of verification of these studies and centers, issued by an authorized Institution.

All documentation provided must be legalized in accordance with Spanish law and translated by an official translator.