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University Extension Course in Drawing and Experimental Painting

Own Teachings
Telephone: 91 488 70 40
Academic Direction: Juan Gallego Garrido

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Basic Information


The course, the result of the collaboration between the URJC and the State University of New York (SUNY), offers students the opportunity to mature their expressive language through experimentation and hybridization with different painting and drawing techniques.

The course will be taught in English


  • Promote the learning of drawing and painting and its materials and procedures at an advanced level
  • Learning about focus and concentration when developing a creative process
  • Development of the student's ability to format their ideas based on an artistic project
  • Exercise the capacity for analysis, self-criticism and debate around artistic creation through critical sessions
  • Study of contemporary trends in painting and drawing
  • Learning and development of language and the necessary concepts when carrying out an artistic project.


Module 1:

It will take place abroad, in different locations in Madrid, where students will work preparing sketches and capturing ideas for subsequent studio work.

Said work will have a theoretical introduction where objectives and strategies will be specified and that will be carried out either in classrooms on the Quintana campus or in situ in the places where the practices are carried out.

2 Module:

It will be developed in the workshop classrooms in which both individual and collective artistic projects will be carried out based on the materials with which they have been working on field trips and the criteria established by the teachers. This work will be supervised by the teachers with whom a continuous dialogue will be established throughout the entire creative process.

3 Module:

critical sessions

4 Module:

Visits to exhibitions and conferences by artists and specialists


Access requirements:

Students and graduates of Bachelors or degrees in Fine Arts and students or graduates of Masters in Plastic Arts.

It is important that students have an advanced level of English so that they can make adequate use of the course.

Selection criteria:

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, a selection will be made based on the following criteria:

TITLE (up to 5 pts):

artistic :

Grade: 1,5 pts

Master: 1,5 pts

Doctorate: 2pts

Extra degree or master's degree: 1


grade: 1pts

Master: 1pts

Doctorate: 1pts

Extra degree or master's degree: 0,5 for the last

ARTISTIC DOSSIER (up to 5 pts):

In the artistic dossier, which will be made up of between 5 and 10 images, the evaluation will be based on a rubric that takes into account the following criteria:

Technical and formal correction of the images (up to 3 points)

Creativity and variety of the techniques used (up to 2 pts)

No. of Places: 18 (of these places it will be necessary to discount those covered by students enrolled from the State University of New York)

Academic Management and Faculty

Academic direction:

  • Juan Gallego Garrido (URJC)
  • Juan Perdiguero (SUNY)
  • Academic secretary:
  • Vicente Alemany (URJC)


  • Juan Perdiguero (SUNY)
  • Juan Gallego Garrido (URJC)
  • Vicente Alemany (URJC)
  • Tomas Zarza Nunez (URJC)
  • Raquel Sarda Sanchez (URJC)

Duration and development

Modality: Onsite

Number of credits: 6

Contact hours: 60

Place of delivery:

Madrid: URJC Quintana campus and street locations

Aranjuez: Pavía Barracks and locations on the street

Schedules: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.

Start and end date: June 5 End: June 30

Reservation of place and enrollment

Pre-registration period: February 27 to May 19, 2023

Enrollment deadline: May 22 to May 31, 2023

Title price: 100 €

Possibility of scholarship (if applicable): No

Pre-registration: €. This amount is included in the total cost of the course and will be returned if your academic request is not accepted. If, once the student's application has been admitted, the enrollment is not formalized, the amount deposited for pre-enrolment will not be returned.

The start of the course is conditioned to the minimum number of students enrolled.

Documentation to attach, forms and place of delivery

the applicants they will present all the scanned documentation, in the formats allowed through the telematic self-registration application at the time of applying for admission to own degrees. They must compulsorily attach to their request the declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format.

At any time, both the Program Management and the Own Teaching Service may request the applicants to submit said certified/collated documentation through the General Registry, located on the Móstoles Campus, or in any of the registries assistants located in the different campuses of the Rey Juan Carlos University, or by sending it through Certified Mail to: Rey Juan Carlos University. General Registry. Avda. Tulipán s/n. 28933. Mostoles. Madrid

The student is responsible for the veracity and correctness of the data provided, exonerating the Rey Juan Carlos University from any responsibility and guaranteeing and being responsible for its accuracy, validity and authenticity.

Required documentation:

Students regardless of their nationality must present the following documentation:

  • National Identity Document, residence card, passport or equivalent 
  • University or Master's degree if completed. 
  • Enrollment or university student card of the current course 
  • Responsible declaration of veracity of the data provided in digital format 

to attach the following:

ARTISTIC DOSSIER: Between 5 and 10 images in a single PDF

The dossier will be taken into account for admission if there are more applicants than places.