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RAC credit application procedure (For teachers)

This section informs teachers about the procedure for applying for and granting credits for the subject Academic Recognition of Credits (RAC) that teachers can request for activities carried out with EIF students.
The procedure contemplates an approval of each request by the EIF and an approval by the Vice-Rector for Students, in order to guarantee that the activities carried out in each faculty or school are appropriate in the judgment of both organizations.

The number of ECTS credits for the RAC activity will be equal to 1/20 of the number of hours dedicated by the student.
The request for ECTS for RAC must be made sufficiently in advance of the date of the activity: at least 7 days, ideally 14 or more days.
  1. The teacher uploads a PDF to the Signature Holder with the RAC Application Form filling, which must include the activity program.
    • The teacher adds the Deputy Director of Students (Pedro de las Heras Quirós) and himself as co-signatories of the form in the Signature Holder.
    • The teacher signs the form in the Signature Holder.
  2. The EIF approves and sends the request to the Vice-Rector for Students. If the EIF does not approve the request, the requesting professor will be contacted.
  3. The professor receives an email from the RAC Unit with the official approval from the vice-rector's office. From this moment on, the granting of credits by the professor to his students can be published.
  4. The teacher carries out the activity.
  5. After carrying out the activity, the teacher replies to the email received from the RAC Unit (see step 3) attaching a list of students who obtain the ECTS from the RAC activity in a spreadsheet. If all students obtain the same number of credits the sheet contains a single column with the students' usernames (without If there are students with different RAC credits the sheet contains two columns, one with the username and one with the number of creditsthe sheet contains two columns, one with the username and one with the number of credits
  6. The teacher checks a few days later that the students have been assigned the credits on the RAC platform.

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