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Courses 0 of Physics and Mathematics

The Zero Online Courses aim to help students better cope with the study of various basic training subjects in which prior knowledge is required. We currently have two zero courses: Mathematics and Physics.

If you are a new student and in your degree you have subjects related to these subjects, they are already available in your Virtual Classroom.

If you are not a new student or you do not have subjects related to these subjects in your degree, but you are interested in taking them, you can self-enroll in the course you want from the following links:

Information for prospective students

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    Fuenlabrada Campus
  • Access to the URJC (EvAU)
  • Pre-registration and registration of degrees
  • Pre-registration and registration for the master's degree
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Cutting notes

Remember: the cut-off mark is the lowest mark with which a degree could be entered in an academic year. That is why the court notes available to date are those of the 21/22 academic year.

    Course 21 / 22

    • Aerospace Engineering in Air Navigation (Fuenlabrada) 12,012 
    • Aerospace Engineering in Transportation and Airports (Fuenlabrada) 11,736
    • Aerospace Engineering in Aerospace Vehicles (Fuenlabrada) 12,067 
    • Biomedical Engineering (Fuenlabrada) 12,745
    • Biomedical Engineering (English) (Alcorcón) 12,564
    • Software Robotics Engineering (Fuenlabrada) 11,162
    • Engineering in Audiovisual and Multimedia Systems (Fuenlabrada) 8,475
    • Telecommunications Systems Engineering (Fuenlabrada) 9,491
    • Telecommunications Technology Engineering (Fuenlabrada) 10,135
    • Telematics Engineering (Fuenlabrada) 8,871 
    • Double degree in Telecommunications Technology Engineering and Aerospace Engineering in Air Navigation (Fuenlabrada) 12,279
    • Double degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering and Business Administration and Management (Fuenlabrada) 11,267