Pre-registration for admission to undergraduate studies

Access to the pre-registration platform for the 2024/25 academic year

Steps to follow

  • At the beginning of the pre-registration, it requests a password in the system.
  • Make a single online application for all public universities in Madrid (Alcalá, Autónoma, Carlos III, Complutense, Politécnica and Rey Juan Carlos).
  • You can apply for up to twelve degrees among all those offered by the six universities.
  • Take into account your order of preference to choose the degrees. The order of preference of the Degrees in the admission application is important for the allocation of places. You can modify this order of preference at any time while the pre-registration application delivery period is open; Once this term is closed, it can no longer be modified.
  • IMPORTANT: You CONFIRM pre-registration at the end. If you do not confirm, the pre-registration cannot be validated and it will not be taken into account for the allocation of places.
  • You will receive a pre-registration receipt in the email with which you accessed. In the receipt it will indicate the documentation what should you contribute telematically.
  • If the documentation is not provided, the pre-registration cannot be validated and therefore no place will be awarded to you.
  • If you apply for a place in degrees taught at an affiliated center, remember that you must apply for provisional admission at the center itself before the end of the pre-registration period.

Percentage of reservation quotas

Students who meet the requirements to apply for admission through more than one access route -general and/or reserve percentage- may opt, for pre-registration purposes, for one of the several possible ones, at their choice, but only for one of them.

The reserved places that remain unfilled will be added to those offered by the general regime in each of the admission calls (except for High-Level and High-Performance Athletes, and Disability, which will remain until the extraordinary call).

  • University graduates (group 2 of cut-off marks): 1% of the total number of places offered.
  • Reservation of places that affect only the general quota (group 1 of the cut-off notes):
    • Person with disabilities: 5% of the total places offered.
    • High-level/high-performance athlete: 3% of the total places offered. Additional 5% in the following Grades:
      • Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports
      • Primary education
      • Physiotherapy
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