Centers attached to the Rey Juan Carlos University

To apply for studies taught at centers attached to the Rey Juan Carlos University, the interested party must apply for provisional admission to said center before the end of the pre-registration period, in addition to making the admission application through the Madrid University District application.

How to apply for admission to an affiliated center

During the pre-registration period, the student must follow the following steps:

  • Request prior admission to the affiliated center
  • Carry out pre-registration in the University District of Madrid
  • Telematically attach the documentation indicated in the pre-registration receipt
  • IMPORTANT In addition to the documentation requested in the receipt, you must also attach the following documentation:
    • Provisional admission of the affiliated center
    • In case of requesting access to degrees with an aptitude assessment test/language level test
      • Request to take the tests/language level test
      • Proof of payment of the fees for the aptitude assessment test/language level test
      • In case of total or partial exemption from fees: Documentation that justifies said exemption (Disability, Large family...)

The documentation must be attached electronically. During the academic year, the physical presentation of the documentation that cannot be verified as valid digitally will be requested.

Provisional documents, drafts or documents without legal validity will not be accepted.

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