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Observatory for the Analysis and Visibility of Social Exclusion

El Observatory for the Analysis and Visibility of Social Exclusion , was born with the purpose of investigating situations, processes and structures of social exclusion, giving them visibility with communication campaigns and creating intervention projects to collaborate in their eradication. This materializes, as one more manifestation of university social responsibility, the firm commitment of the Rey Juan Carlos University in betting on the equality of all people, as well as in the generation of vital opportunities for them. This Observatory is made up of an interdisciplinary group of PDIs, led from Sociology (social research) and Social Work (social intervention) of this University. For its part, the IDEX Group, a leader in social communication, will be the external partner that would implement the strategy of dissemination and awareness of the investigated reality, financing itself through corporate CSR. The University and civil society join forces to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable people.


  1. Investigate and analyze situations, processes and structures of social exclusion.
  2. Launch media campaigns to make society in general aware of the previously studied situations, processes and structures of social exclusion.
  3. Generate social intervention projects for the phenomena analyzed.

Third award at the 2020nd URJC-FECYT Scientific Dissemination Awards XNUMX


  • Ms. Silvia Giménez Rodríguez. Graduate and doctor in Sociology and Social Worker, URJC.

Technical secretary

  • Juan Daniel Ugalde Galera. Graduated and Doctor in Social Work, URJC.

External Collaborating Partner:

  • Ruben Ferrandez. IDEX Group General Manager. Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication.


Legal area:

  • Sara Nunez de Prado Clavell. Dr. in CC. of the information. Historian. Graduated in Law. King Juan Carlos University

Investigation area:

  • Silvia Gimenez Rodriguez. Ph.D. and Bachelor of Sociology. Social worker. King Juan Carlos University
  • Domingo Carbonero Munoz. Dr. and BA in Sociology. Social worker. University of La Rioja
  • Rafael Alcázar Ruiz. Dr and Bachelor of Sociology. Social worker. University of Alicante
  • Patricia Madrigal Barron. Doctor and Bachelor of Economics. Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA)
  • Raul Soto Esteban. Doctor of Social Work. Complutense University of Madrid

Intervention Area:

  • Juan Daniel Ugalde Galera. Dr and Graduated in Social Work. URJC
  • Jose Gabriel Rodriguez Perez. Graduated in Social Work. URJC
  • Almudena Gomez Jimenez. She graduated in Social Education and Social Work. social integrator. URJC  

Communication area:

  • Ruben Ferrandez Ruiz. Managing Director Grupoidex    

Open lines of research:

  1. LGTBI people in a situation of vulnerability.

"Sociological study of LGTBI homeless people in the Community of Madrid"   https://faciam.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Informe-LGTBI-sin-hogar-18-junio.pdf.



  1. Legal Sociology and Forensic Social Work. http://trabajosocialforense.com
  • "Construction of intensity scale of gender violence"
  • "Predictive validity of the gender violence intensity scale" (IN PROGRESS)
  1. poverty and inequality
  • “Stressful Life Events (SVE) in homeless people. Development of a scale for detecting the risk of homelessness as a prevention tool” (IN PROGRESS)


Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Departmental building I. Office 116
Fuenlabrada Campus (Madrid), Spain