Commissions whose composition is established by regulations

Examination Claims Commission

The regulations of the URJC (Governing Council of April 8, 2011) establish that this commission "will be appointed by the Rector at the proposal of the Board of the School and will be made up of seven members, and will be chaired by the Coordinator of the degree of Degree to which the subject that is claimed by the student belongs. In addition, it indicates that professors who have participated in the evaluation process may not be part of this commission. It is not mandatory that the members of this commission belong to the School Board.

The proposed composition of the commission is:

  • President: Coordinator of the degree where the claim occurs.
  • Secretary: María Jesús Algar Díaz (Deputy Director of Academic Organization)
  • Vowels: Other coordinators.

advisory commissions

According to the "framework regulation for the operation of schools", the composition of the advisory commissions must "be representative of the different sectors that make up the board." In order for the commissions to be operational, it was proposed (School Board of April 29, 2020) that the sector with the least representation (sector D) should have at least one representative, so the composition of the advisory commissions would be as follows :

  • President: Director of the ETSII or the deputy director delegated
  • Representatives of Sector A: 4
  • Representatives of Sector B: 2
  • Representatives of Sector C: 2
  • Representatives of Sector D: 1

Description of the commissions:

Extension and Promotion Commission

  • President: Clara Simón de Blas (Deputy Director of Students and University Extension)
  • Co-chair (no vote): Daniel Palacios Alonso (Academic Coordinator of Promotion, Relations with the Company and Profession)
  • Secretary: The youngest or the person agreed by the commission
  • Sub-addresses involved: Students and University Extension; Academic Coordination of Promotion and Relations with Business and Profession
  • Competencies: events, management of school news, advertising, material for school promotion etc.
  • Composition:
    • Section A: Alfonso Fernández Timón, Óscar David Robles Sánchez, Antonio Sanz Montemayor, Alberto Sánchez Campos
    • Section B: Cristina Ramos Vega, Oriol Borras Gene
    • Section C: Laura M. Camino Yuste, Sohaib Tarfi Elidrissi
    • Section D: Juan Salvador Gonzalez Vicente

Research and International Relations Commission

  • President: María Eugenia Castellanos Nueda (Deputy Director of Research and International Relations)
  • Secretary: The youngest or the person agreed by the commission
  • Sub-addresses involved: Research and International Relations
  • Competencies: Strengthen international relations, encourage and strengthen research activities as well as coordinate the activities promoted by the URJC research commission.
  • Composition:
    • Section A: Manuel Rubio Sánchez, José María Cavero Barca, Óscar D. Robles Sánchez and Juan José Pantrigo Fernández
    • Section B: Daniel Palacios Alonso and David Concha Gomez
    • Section C: Clara Contreras Nevares and Javier Rufo Cotobal
    • Section D: Sonia Monteagudo Ferrero

Curriculum Commission

  • President: Jorge López Moreno (Deputy Director of Quality and Study Plans)
  • Secretary: The youngest or the person agreed by the commission
  • Sub-addresses involved: Quality and Study Plans; Academic Organization
  • Competencies: Modification of the study plans, allegations to the plans in the verification phase, allegations of the degrees in the accreditation phase; self-reports for degrees, etc.
  • Composition:
    • Section A: Clara Simon, Cristina Conde, Juan Jose Pantrigo, Soto Montalvo Herranz
    • Section B: Maria Cristina Ramos Vega and Nicolas Rodriguez Uribe
    • Section C: Álvaro Raso Pasero and Teodor A. Diaconescu
    • Section D: Asuncion Aldave Izaguirre

Academic Planning Commission

  • President: María Jesús Algar Díaz (Deputy Director of Academic Organization)
  • Secretary: The youngest or the person agreed by the commission
  • Sub-addresses involved: Academic Organization
  • Competencies: Academic regulations, end-of-grade projects, timetables, exams.
  • Composition:
    • Section A: Soto Montalvo Herranz, María Eugenia Castellanos Nueda, José María Cavero, Diana Pérez Marín and María Teresa González de Lena
    • Section B: Nicolas Rodriguez Uribe, Cristina Ramos Vega
    • Section C: Clara Contreras Nevares and Adrian Puyo Olias
    • Section D: Juan de Dios Martin Gonzalez

Infrastructure Commission

  • President: Jaime Urquiza Fuentes (Deputy Director of Infrastructures and Technologies)
  • Secretary: The youngest or the person agreed by the commission
  • Sub-addresses involved: Infrastructures and Technology; Academic secretary
  • Competencies: Teaching needs: software licenses, consumables and specific hardware. Management of faculty offices, teaching laboratories and research spaces.
  • Composition:
    • Section A: Maximiliano Paredes, Jose Maria Cavero Barca, Almudena Sierra Alonso, and Isaac Martin de Diego.
    • Section B: David Concha Gomez, Carlos Garre del Olmo
    • Section C: Irene Perez Santiago, Carlos Alonso Arranz
    • Section D: Miguel Albarran Sanchez