The Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering (ETSII) of the Rey Juan Carlos University is located on the Móstoles Campus, just 17 km south of Madrid. Strategically located and very well connected, it facilitates access to university studies in branches related to computing in the southern area of ​​the Community of Madrid.

Created in February 2007, it is a young, avant-garde school, with a wide educational offer, which is committed to continuous and complementary training. It also promotes quality teaching favoring the specialty in all its fields. Every year, it welcomes students from both the Community of Madrid and other Autonomous Communities and is part of multiple mobility programs, receiving students from other countries each academic year. Likewise, the ETSII promotes cooperation projects with companies and scientific and cultural institutions in order to achieve academic excellence and the professional qualification of its students.

Over the years, it has won a number of prizes and awards in recognition of good work. The SIMO Education awards can be highlighted, in which the project "ApS for Learning Transfer in ICT from the University to Schools" was the winner of the award: "Best Project for the Introduction of ICT in a center" in 2013 and the The "DEDOS" project was the winner of the "Best ICT project in Inclusive Education, Equality and Diversity" in 2014. Likewise, the projects "PROGAMES, Interactive Programming Games adapted to your tastes and guided by Merlin-Know, your virtual teacher" and ”DEDOS'” were finalists in the categories of “Best Audiovisual ICT Project” and “Best Educational Application for Teachers”, respectively in 2013. Additionally, in 2017, one of its teachers was awarded at the international congress of “Flipped Learning” with the best university experience using this methodology.

Regarding research, our teaching staff is involved in different European, national and regional projects, contributing in different areas such as education, understanding of the human brain, immigration, computer graphics, artificial vision, …. . We also carry out collaborations to transfer these scientific-technological advances to society.