The URJC participates in the SmartWB Project -Curricular innovation in smart urban development from climate sustainability based on ecological and energy efficiency-

Posted by Juan Pedro Muñoz Miguel


Professors Carmen de Pablos Heredero -Project Leader of the Project- and Miguel Blanco Callejo from the Department of Business Economics (ADO), Applied Economics II and Fundamentals of Economic Analysis of the FCEE of the URJC participate in the SmartWB Project: Curricular innovation in the smart urban development from climate sustainability based on ecological and energy efficiency with the non-academic sector.



The project that was already in the news by the URJC last February 2023 as a result of the launch meeting (“Kick off meeting”) held in Podgorica, Montenegro  (link to the news), has recently held a Workshop “On climate-friendly and innovative solutions: current and future challenges” in Vienna. The event took place at the BOKU University, a partner of the consortium, where the first reports generated in the project were presented. The URJC has collaborated exposing the value of the best practices and legislative framework in Spain related to Smart Urban Planning & Development.

The aim of the project is to improve the skills and employability of students in the Western Balkans area (hereinafter WB) through innovative educational programs. Among the most specific objectives are modernizing courses in sustainable urban development from the perspective of energy efficiency and climate sustainability in collaboration with companies and aligned with the Bologna requirements, and the environmental policy of the European Union. It is also intended to create the preconditions so that in the WB countries they can acquire laboratory equipment, software and hardware, for the development of the courses. 

In the opinion of Professor Carmen de Pablos Heredero, Professor of Business Organization of the FCEE of the Rey Juan Carlos University and a member of the project, it is expected that with the development of the same one can contribute significantly to helping universities in the countries of the WB -Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania- and, more specifically, that it serves to modernize their teaching programs in the field of smart urban development, based on the best practices of five countries of the European Union and an associated country such as Croatia. , Norway, Germany, Austria, Spain and Serbia. The project is made up of a consortium with the participation of fifteen partners: seven WB Universities, five European universities and three non-academic partners from WB countries. The development of the project is available on the web: (link)

Specifically, the URJC leads Work Package 3, of which Carmen de Pablos Heredero is the project leader and where Professor Miguel Blanco Callejo is the task leader. The tasks that make up this WP3 work package are detailed below: T3.1 Modernize the courses in collaboration with the industry, T3.2 Develop training programs for student internships in companies, T3.3 Carry out courses for WB professors to acquire innovative teaching methodologies, T3.4 Offer agreements for future cooperation between WB universities and the sector non-academic and, finally, T3.5 Purchase of software and laboratory equipment, installation and start-up for the modernization of WB universities.

The results of this work package will be specified in the following reports: D3.1. Report on modernized university courses, D3.2. Report on student internships in companies, D3.3. Report on courses for teachers in innovative methods of teaching, D3.4. Report on the agreements signed for the students' business practices and, finally, D3.5. Report on purchased laboratory equipment.

Next December 2023, the URJC will be the headquarters of the project where a set of training plans regarding Smart Urban Development will be proposed, including educational innovation actions for teachers from the WB universities, as well as, it will take place in said month, the third meeting of the Steering Committee and Project Management Committee of which the URJC is also a part.


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