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HRS4R Strategy

The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)  is a tool launched by the European Commission to support research institutions and organizations financing research with the aim to apply the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The URJC endorsed these legal instruments in September 2018.

The HRS4R Strategy aims to attract and keep research talent in Europe, promote the mobility of researchers and ensure a good working environment for researchers to foster the development of their careers in research. The objective of the Strategy is also to increase the employability of researchers and an economic growth in research through the establishment of a competitive, transparent and open work market.

To that end, the URJC makes the commitment, in agreement with its internal policies, to develop a human resources strategy which aligns with the recommendations and principles of the Charter and the Code for Researchers and which guarantees the transparency, accessibility, equality of opportunities and search for excellence in the recruitment of researchers.

European Charter and Code for Researchers

The European Charter and Code for Researchers are a recommendation of the European Commission to Member States, which are invited to apply them on a voluntary basis. While the European  Charter  is a set of general principles and requirements defining the obligations and rights of both researchers and those employing and/or financing them, the -- highlights the significance that recruitment procedures are open, transparent and based on merits.

Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)

HRS4R Award

In July 2020, after the European Commission approved the URJC's Action Plan to ensure the implementation of the principles of the European Charter and Code for Researchers, the URJC was granted the HRS4R Award. This Award identifies the institutions which generate and support the existence of a stimulating environment which enhances research.

Up to date, 666 organizations, 152 of them Spanish, have been granted the Award.

Who is the Strategy for?

The HRS4R Strategy is for all URJC researchers, whether they are from Spain or other countries, regardless of their contractual relationship and the point at which their professional career is. According to the European Commission a researcher's career goes through four stages. For each of these, the Commission has established a profile with a framework of competencies. These profiles are described in the tabs below.