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Research Economic Management Service

Responsible: Javier Martínez Sánchez
Address: Rectorate Building, Second Floor, Office 209. Calle Tulipán s/n. 28933 Mostoles Madrid

Carries out the economic-administrative management of expenses charged to all its own programs and research projects. The Service is divided into four sections:

Fixed cash, service commissions and investigator cards. ()

  • Process all non-inventory expenses less than €1.500 with VAT.
  • Settle advances and service commissions.
  • Manage all expenses processed with researcher cards.

Direct paymentsystem. ()

  • Process the expenses of research projects through different procedures, up to a maximum of €50.000
  • Minor contracts, expenses greater than €1.500 (VAT included)
  • Credit reserves, publication and registration expenses.
  • Dynamic procurement systems (SDA) and Framework Agreements (AM), purchases made from suppliers who have previously joined the agreement.
  • Awarded supplier, companies that have tendered with the URJC (reprography, messaging, transportation, translation and linguistic review, etc.)
  • Internal positions, services provided by units of the URJC (Technological Support Center, Language Center, Doctorate Enrollments).
  • Speakers, conferences given at the URJC.
  • Specific plans (infrastructure plan of the Vice-Rectorate for Research)

Own program. ()

  • Prepares the accounting documents for the calls of the Vice-Rector for Research (Mobility, publications, translations and linguistic review).
  • Refunds of remainder and interest.
  • Ineligible expenses.

Personal expensessystem. ()

  • Prepares accounting documents for remunerations charged to research projects, both for internal and external personnel.
  • Prepares the credit reserve accounting documents for calls for research project personnel (PPI).