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Fernando Enrique Garcia Muina

Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Transfer

University Professor of Business Organization. Doctor in Economic and Business Sciences, as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management from the Complutense University of Madrid.

In the 1999/2000 academic year he joined the Rey Juan Carlos University as a professor in the Business Organization Area in the Department of Business Economics (Administration, Management and Organization), Applied Economics II and Fundamentals of Economic Analysis. He has held different management positions such as vice-rector for Academic Planning, director of Foresight and departmental academic secretary. 

His field of research is the Strategic Management of the company. He has published numerous articles in scientific journals with an impact index (JCR) in the field of Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology, Internationalization, Sustainability and Circular Economy, among others. 

He leads and has led various competitive, basic and applied research projects, both at regional, national and European levels, on the management of inter-organizational networks, supply chain management and the circular economy in the field of industrial districts. 

As for its trajectory in innovation and transfer to the productive sector, its work aimed at reducing the environmental impact of different industrial sectors related to the production of construction materials, infrastructure and the restoration of tourist and cultural heritage stands out. In addition, her work has also been directed to the study of the economic and social effect of industrial production activity with a high environmental impact.

His scientific production and his work of innovation and transfer have been recognized with four six-year terms, three of them for research and one for transfer.

Academic training


Competencies of the Vice President

In terms of Research coordinates and supervises, under the direction of the Rector, the following matters:

  • Management and coordination of regional, national and private foundation competitive research programs and projects.
  • Creation and support of Recognized Research Groups of the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • Creation and support of Observatories of the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • Creation, organization and support of university research institutes and mixed research institutes of the Rey Juan Carlos University, as well as other research centers of its own.
  • Own Research Support Program of the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • Researcher Portal: Curriculum vitaeand scientific productivity.
  • Dissemination of the activities and results of the scientific activity of the Rey Juan Carlos University. Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCCI+i).
  • Management and operation of the Research Ethics Committee of the Rey Juan Carlos University.
  • Coordination with the Vice-rectorate for Teaching Staff of the Programs for the incorporation and mobility of research personnel (Ramón y Cajal, Juan de la Cierva, FPI, FPU and similar).
  • Management and coordination of the Rey Juan Carlos University Laboratory Network (RedLabu) and the Central Research Support Services (CAT)

In terms of Innovation and Transfer coordinates and supervises, under the direction of the Rector, the following matters:

  • Promotion and management of contracts and letters of assignment under article 60 of the LOSU and agreements for the performance of work of a scientific, technical or artistic nature as well as for specific training activities.
  • Management and processing of R&D&i reports (with fiscal effects) requested by the certifying entities.
  • Creation and support of research chairs at the Rey Juan Carlos University.  
  • Support for the creation of Companies Based on Technology or Knowledge (EBTCs).
  • Management of intellectual property rights derived from research.
  • Promotion and management of relations with companies and other public and private institutions that favor the creation, visibility and transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • Promotion and management of collaboration agreements with companies and other entities for the development of educational cooperation activities (TFG and external internships), innovation and transfer.
  • Promotion of activities within the scope of the Campus of International Excellence.
  • Promotion, advice and management of international competitive research programs and projects.
  • Training of researchers for the participation and management of international projects.
  • Promotion and development of institutional and private alliances for the development of international research programs.
  • Management of international, national and regional recovery programs in terms of innovation and transfer.
  • Supervision and coordination of the administrative units corresponding to the functions assigned to the Vice President.
  • Preparation of proposals for strategic lines in the field of competence of the Vice President.



Tel: (+91) 488 4915 XNUMX

Ms. Sonsoles Manotas Cabeza, Vice Manager of Research and Innovation

Ms. Lydia González Serrano, Deputy Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Transfer

Tel. +91 488

Ms. Gema Diaz Gil. Academic Director of Promotion, Promotion and Monitoring of Research

Tel. +91 488

D. Santiago Gómez Ruiz, Academic Director of International Research Promotion

Tel. +91 488

Mr. Raúl Cabido Valladolid. Academic Director of Innovation and Transfer

+91 488 8235

 Mr. Alfredo García Fernández. Academic Director of the Technological Support Center (CAT)

Tel. +91 488

Mrs. Carmen García Galera. Director of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit

Telephone. 91 488 8390