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Wednesday, May 24, 2023 at 06:30

Professor Regino Criado, elected member of the Academia Europaea

The URJC professor has been awarded and distinguished for his career, his works and publications on the border between fundamental and applied mathematics, the theory of complex networks and data science.


After having passed a meticulous selection process, Professor Regino Criado, Professor of Applied Mathematics, has been elected a member of the European Academy (The Academy of Europe), an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization. Its members are distinguished academics and engineers united by a commitment to promoting science and technology and their essential role in fostering social and economic development.

The URJC professor has been distinguished for his career, his works and publications on the border between fundamental and applied mathematics, the theory of complex networks and data science, areas in which he has always maintained a multidisciplinary vision that links mathematics and statistical and nonlinear physics with their applications in different contexts. “Sometimes life gives surprises that motivate you to continue on your way, to continue researching and looking for the applications of that knowledge”, underlines Regino Criado. “I feel very honored and grateful for this recognition of my career. Network science is a key field for unraveling the laws that determine the operation of complex systems. It is an extremely stimulating topic for research that in many cases represents an interface between mathematics, physics and engineering."

From his first works in the world of mathematics and information technology, through his innovative contributions in the field of cybersecurity and cryptography, as well as his fundamental contributions to the definitions of the concepts of robustness and vulnerability in networks. complex, Professor Criado has been configuring a researcher profile in which the definition of new structures and the study of their properties and applications have always occupied a central point.

His crucial experience in collaboration between universities and companies, his interest in the development of new tools and his vision as a bridge between different disciplines and models in the search to understand the intimate and delicate relationship between the structure and functionality of complex networks have have been other of the constants that have marked his career. He has directed and collaborated in more than 30 research projects with companies (Ferrovial Group, Aqualia of the FCC group, and BBVA, among others) and has been the director of two University-Business Chairs, as well as a scientific advisor in other technological innovation projects. .

“I believe that the combination of network science with artificial intelligence and data science configures one of the most promising and innovative lines of research at the present time, whose development will mark the future in various fields of science and technology of more topical in the present moment”, points out the professor.

In addition, Regino Criado is director of the Center for Data, Complex Networks & Cybersecurity Sciences of the URJC, as well as editor of several prestigious research journals in the area.

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