3.computersDegree in Computer Engineering

The training offered in the Degree in Computer Engineering is focused on making the most of the performance of the different computing alternatives on the market: generic processors, specialized processors, computer clusters, etc. To do this, advanced knowledge about operating systems, hardware, parallel programming, distributed programming, and computer architecture are taught. Additionally, the student will acquire knowledge about communication networks, computer security, graphics, mobile devices and cloud computing. 

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Euro-Inf quality seal

Euro-Inf stamp


The Degree in Computer Engineering has been recognized with the Euro-Inf quality seal in May 2020. Euro-Inf is an International Quality Seal (SIC) for the university academic field, promoted by EQANIE (European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education), and developed in Spain by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA), autonomous body, attached to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. More information in the notice of your grant.

Dependencies between subjects

The subjects are ordered from left to right in columns according to course and semester: first semester of first year, second semester of first year, … and so on.

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