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Friday May 10, 2024 at 07:00

Five URJC researchers participate in Pint of Science

This international event will be held on May 13, 14 and 15 and will host informative talks in bars in different cities around the world.

Editorial/ Paula Muñiz

One more year the URJC scientific community participates in the festival Pint of Science. On this occasion, Pablo Escribano Álvarez, Alicia Gómez-Fernández, Marcos Méndez Iglesias, Marina Sanz González and Almudena García Carrasco will share their scientific knowledge on various subjects.

This international festival of scientific dissemination will be held on May 13, 14 and 15 throughout Spain, a country that leads world participation in this event with 850 talks in bars in 67 cities. During these three days, these establishments will become improvised laboratories where the most cutting-edge researchers on the national scene will share the most recent advances in science in Spain. With an understandable and accessible language, any citizen will be able to learn about projects in the most varied areas, from neuroscience or astrophysics to medicine or zoology, among many others.

This ninth edition of the festival, organized by the Scientific Dissemination Association “Pint of Science Spain”, will focus on encouraging the importance of basic science and will highlight topics of current social interest, which directly affect well-being, economy and growth. from the country. 

The URJC has been participating in this event since 2016, through the coordination of the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC+I) of the Vice-Rector's Office for Research, Innovation and Transfer.

On this occasion, the talk program offered by URJC professors has five proposals in different bars in Madrid. Tickets are free and do not require prior registration.


Pablo Escribano Álvarez
Talk title: "Antarctic bugs enduring the extreme cold"
Day: May 13
Location: Citynizer Plaza (C. de Juanelo, 17)

Alicia Gómez-Fernández
Talk title: “In the origin: what were the ancestral crops like?”
Day: May 13
Location: MOE Club (Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 32)

Marcos Mendez Iglesias
Talk title: “We continue to evolve, but not as you think”
Day: May 13
Location: Hamburg Exargia Tavern (Calle de Embajadores, 41, Mercado de San Fernando, Post 8)

Marina Sanz González
Degree: "Could Bob Marley develop chronic pain?"
Day: May 13
Location: Citynizer Plaza (C. de Juanelo, 17)

Almudena Garcia Carrasco
Degree: "Why do you gain weight? The troglodyte inside you"
Day: May 14
Place. Citynizer Plaza (C. de Juanelo, 17)