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Monday May 18, 2020 at 06:30

The European Union recognizes the quality of various degrees of the ETSII

The European Quality Assurance Network for Informatics Education Agency (EQANIE) of the EU has recognized the degrees in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering at the Rey Juan Carlos University with the EURO-INF seal.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

EURO-INF is an international quality seal that EQANIE awards to educational programs that stand out for their quality in relation to European standards for computer science university degrees.

A few days ago this entity, through ANECA (National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation) awarded this seal to the degrees of Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering of the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering (ETSII), of the Rey Juan Carlos University, among other programs of different Spanish universities.

For Óscar Robles, professor at the ETSII and deputy director of Quality and Study Plans, "this recognition for the ETSII supposes an international accreditation supported by the European Union regarding the quality of the teaching work that is done in the 3 degrees (GII, GIC , GIS), that is to say, that the EU, through these seals, certifies that our graduates have learned the contents and have acquired the skills that are said to be taught in memory”. Robles recalled that the initiative to achieve EURO-INF accreditation came from the “previous management team, with Professor José María Cavero at the helm.

An academic offer that stands out

This seal makes these trainings stand out among the educational offer at the regional and national level. As Óscar Robles points out, “at the regional level, we are the only university that has this seal of quality in Software Engineering and Computer Engineering. In addition, only 4 computer science schools (out of 13 public + private) have the EURO-INF seal for Computer Engineering”. 

With regard to the national sphere, thanks to this recognition, the URJC joins the select club formed by the University of Seville and the University of Malaga as universities with the EURO-INF seal in their three basic computer science degrees.

In addition, also in this area, only 24 universities out of a total of 80 (public and private) have this seal in some computer science degree.

Quality assured

As the ETSII professor affirms, through this recognition, "both national agencies (National Evaluation, Quality and Accreditation Agency) and international ones (EU through the EURO-INF seal) guarantee the quality of the teaching work that is done at the School in these grades.

The teacher adds that, "the teaching staff who have achieved this also teach in the rest of the degrees in which the School participates, so that the teaching work that is done in them can be indirectly valued".

The granting of the EURO-INF seal indicates to the prospective student that the degrees in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics Engineering at URJC meet high international quality standards. In addition, taking a degree with this seal facilitates access to Master's programs with this distinction. On the other hand, EURO-INF constitutes a seal of quality in education recognized by companies throughout Europe.