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Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 08:00

Taxation and Accounting: the successful specialization in financial management

El Master in Taxation and Accounting of the URJC  presents a new edition with a job placement rate close to 100% in agencies, accounting or tax departments of SMEs and large companies.


Financial companies and entities require professionals with advanced training in financial analysis, accounting, financial instruments and company taxation. A large number of job opportunities are related to accounting, finance and tax knowledge. For this reason, the URJC Master's Degree in Taxation and Accounting is aimed at both recent graduates and professionals who want to expand and delve into matters related to corporate taxation and accounting. The basic profile of undergraduate students who can opt for the Master is that of Business Administration, in the same way it is open to degrees in Social Sciences such as Politics or Law, as well as other science degree graduates who intend to complement their training in the field. of finances. 

Adapted to new business trends 

Small and medium-sized companies have had to face a renewal of content as a result of the accounting change, especially in all aspects related to the valuation models of financial instruments. Large companies have specific lines of internal organization for tax management, departments of economic and financial analysis and accounting in which positions with specific training are required, such as that provided in the Master's Degree in Taxation and Accounting. 

This URJC Master has brought together a group of professors and experts with extensive experience in teaching and tax management or financial analysis. In it, the main taxes in Spain are studied and practiced: Personal Income Tax, Corporation Tax and VAT, Taxes on Wealth and Inheritance and Donations, among others. The other half of the Master is focused on accounting regulations and financial analysis, that is, the study of financial instruments, analysis of financial statements, financial accounting, tax accounting, company accounting and accounting software. 

Among the multiple skills presented by the Master, students acquire in-depth training in accounting, analysis of the business financial situation, management and settlement of taxes and valuation of a company's goodwill. 

Internships oriented to labor insertion 

An important aspect of the Master is practical training, which includes an accounting software subject and practical workshops in all subjects. Taxes occupy entire subjects and are analyzed with exercises applied to the official models of the Tax Agency (AEAT). The financial subjects are prepared from a completely practical point of view, through exercises that serve for good job performance in the financial departments of companies. 

The quality indicators have obtained a very good evaluation, obtaining the Master's re-accreditation without any type of modification. Another strong point of the Master is the internship in companies. The Master has a job placement rate close to 100%. Many of the graduates find permanent employment in agencies, accounting or tax departments of SMEs and large companies.