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Master in SAP Logistics Project Management

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Telephone: 91 488 70 40
Academic direction: Monica de Pablos Heir Phone: 699791656 - carmen de pauls Telf: 914887545

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Basic Information


The Master in SAP Logistics Project Management is approved by SAP and has the prestigious SAP Gold Partner Education mention for the quality of training and employability of students. It was born with the clear intention of providing the market with qualified professionals capable of providing solutions global and specific in the different organizational areas of the company's Supply Chain. The Program not only guarantees training in SAP (including the official certification exam within the Master), but also explains the logistical processes it supports. Everything from the point of view of project management. To complete the training and introduce students to the labor market, it incorporates the Employment Exchange and coordinates selection processes with the sponsoring companies of the Master, more than 30 companies where the most important consultants with SAP divisions.


The Master in SAP Logistics Project Management aims to incorporate graduates into the labor market, equipping them with knowledge and skills in consulting, one of the most demanded professions. It also aims to improve the professional development of those who wish to turn to their career, thanks to the acquisition of specific knowledge in Project Management, Process Design and Implementation of Information Systems based on SAP. The Master will allow students to acquire the necessary knowledge to understand, implement and optimize the SAP system in logistics business processes, as well as developing project management skills.



  • Know the fundamentals of logistics processes, necessary for the development of SAP implementation projects related to the supply chain.


  • Students will have sufficient capacity to adapt the purchasing and sales processes of an organization in SAP.
  • They will understand the fundamental concepts of logistics processes related to the options of the corresponding modules of the SAP system.
  • They will be able to maintain an effective dialogue with those responsible for the logistics processes of a company in order to capture their specific requirements.
  • They will have a solid foundation in project management techniques, tools and practices.
  • This acquired knowledge will serve them both to develop with ease in the main concepts of project management at a professional level, and to start in the academic preparation in order to be certified as a PMP or Project Management Professional of the Project Management Institute (professionally certified project manager). ).
  • They will acquire skills for their personal development.


Introduction to Business Processes Module (90 hrs.-10 ECTS)

  • From business strategy to process redesign
  • Overview of the company's business processes
  • Value Management
  • Logistics area business processes
  • Tools and techniques for data collection: analysis and design of processes in the IT field
  • Circular economy and supply chain

Logistics Processes Module in SAP (270 hrs.-30 ECTS)

  • TERP10 – SAP Overview
  • C_TS460_1809 – SAP HANA Sales (includes certification exam)
  • C_TS450_1809– SAP HANA Sourcing and Procurement (includes certification exam)
  • S4H01-SAP Business Suite to S4/HANA Delta
  • S4LG1- Innovative Logistics Processes in SAP S/4HANA
  • S4PR1 – S/4HANA Enhancements to Processes in Procurement
  • S4SD1-SAP S/4HANA Sales – Functions & Innovations
  • ACT100-Sap Activate
  • HY200 – SAP Hybris Commerce Functional Analyst
  • BC400 - ABAP Workbench Foundations

Project Management Module (60 hrs.-7 ECTS)

  • Introduction to Project Management. PMB OK
  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Time management
  • Cost management. Return of investment
  • Quality management
  • HR management.
  • Communication management
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
  • AGILE methodology

Skills Management and Personal Development Module (60 hrs.-7 ETCS)

  • Presentation and communication tools and techniques
  • Conflict resolution techniques. Leadership
  • trading techniques
  • Time management
  • Loyalty economies: customer loyalty. Loyalty to the team
  • Design Thinking

Includes Master's Thesis.


The Master in SAP Logistics Project Management is aimed at all university graduates, any specialty being valid, and no previous knowledge of programming is required.

Exceptionally, people without a university degree may take the program who, due to their profile and experience, have the knowledge and qualities necessary for an adequate use of it.

Selection criteria

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places offered, a selection will be made based on the following criteria: academic record, professional experience.

To start the process of pre-registration and reservation of place, the curriculum vitae must be sent to the email address to verify that the profile meets the requirements to take the program.

No. of Places: 40

Academic Management and Faculty

Academic direction:

Academic Excellence and Employability. These are the essential characteristics that make the MPLSAP a unique master of its kind.

Meet the two directors responsible:

Carmen de Pablos Heir, Rey Juan Carlos University

Mónica de Pablos Heredero, Director of IT, Digital & E-commerce at TRUCCO

And to the two deputy directors:

Elisa Martínez Gilaberte, IT Business Analyst at Repsol

Javier Heredia Martínez, Director at The Birchman Group

Communication and coordination programs:

Eva Dardalengas Palacios, Master Coordinator


MPLSAP professors have more than 10 years of experience in their professional areas.

  • Antonio Araujo López, expert consultant ABAP Stratesys Consulting
  • Alejandro Blanco Callejo, Antonio de Nebrija University
  • Miguel Blanco Callejo, King Juan Carlos University
  • Antonio Boceta Muñoz, SAP Consultant expert in Logistics
  • Enrique Bravo Ayala, President of ACISAP
  • Angel Cruz Grill. Principal at SAP
  • Ramón García García, Director of Innovation and Projects at CEL
  • Rafael Gutierrez de Mesa, Sales & Marketing Director at Kuehne & Nagel
  • José Amelio Medina Merodio, University of Alcala
  • Nieves Molina Pérez, Co-founder IdeaT Institute & Head of People everis Initiatives
  • Diego Muñoz, SAP Consultant at everis
  • Diana Sánchez González, CEO at CF Coaching
  • Enrique Sánchez, manager at everis
  • Ernesto Sesé Jordán, Executive Coach at Pídete Más
  • Juanmi Vicente Amores, SAP SD/MM Consultant at everis
  • Alberto Álvarez Aguilera, SAP Consultant at Trucco

Duration and development

Modality: Onsite

Number of credits: 60 ECTS

Contact hours: 480 h

Place of delivery:  Faculty of CC. Legal and Social Law of the URJC, on the Madrid-Vicálvaro campus

Hours: Weekend hours, Friday (from 15.30:21 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and Saturday (from 15 a.m. to XNUMX p.m.).

Start of the course: 13th October 2023

End of course: July 4, 2024

Reservation of place and enrollment

Pre-registration: from January 24, 2023 to September 30, 2023.

Registration: from October 1 to 8, 2023.

Virtual classroom access: October 13, 2022

Start course: 14th October 2022

End of course: July 3, 2023

Title price: €8.900

Possibility of scholarship (if applicable): No

Pre-registration: €500. This amount is included in the total cost of the course and will be returned if your academic request is not accepted. If, once the student's application has been admitted, the enrollment is not formalized, the amount deposited for pre-enrolment will not be returned.

The start of the course is conditioned to the minimum number of students enrolled.

Documentation to attach, forms and place of delivery

the applicants they will present all the scanned documentation, in the formats allowed through the telematic self-registration application at the time of applying for admission to own degrees. They must compulsorily attach to their request the declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format.

At any time, both the Program Management and the Own Teaching Service may request the applicants to submit said certified/collated documentation through the General Registry, located on the Móstoles Campus, or in any of the registries assistants located in the different campuses of the Rey Juan Carlos University, or by sending it through Certified Mail to: Rey Juan Carlos University. General Registry. Avda. Tulipán s/n. 28933. Mostoles. Madrid

The student is responsible for the veracity and correctness of the data provided, exonerating the Rey Juan Carlos University from any responsibility and guaranteeing and being responsible for its accuracy, validity and authenticity.

Required documentation:

Students with a degree obtained from a Spanish university or a Higher Education Institution belonging to another Member State of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes access to own postgraduate degrees must present the following documentation:

  • National Identity Document or equivalent
  • University degree of the studies that give access to the requested postgraduate degree.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Responsible declaration of veracity of the data provided in digital format
  • Any other document that the Director of the Own Title specifically requires for its acceptance

Students with a foreign degree must present the following documentation:

  • Passport or Residence Card
  • Foreign Higher Education Degree (Graduate, Graduate, Architect, Engineer Doctor...) that give access to own postgraduate degree studies.
  • Certificate certifying that the studies carried out give access to an Official Postgraduate Degree in your country of origin, issued by the University of origin
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Declaration of the person responsible for the veracity of the data provided in digital format
  • Any other document that the Director of the Own Title specifically requires for its acceptance

Applicants with studies completed in foreign University Centers may be requested at any time a certificate of verification of these studies and centers, issued by an authorized Institution.

All documentation provided must be legalized in accordance with Spanish law and translated by an official translator.