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Thursday, November 04, 2021 at 07:15

The URJC Youth Health service returns to face-to-face

Part of the ´Meeting Point´ university office, it is located on the Fuenlabrada campus and offers information on municipal resources of student interest

The Youth Health service of the Rey Juan Carlos University reopens its doors to the university community. This initiative is part of the ´Meeting Point´ university office, which was born with the aim of informing and meeting the needs of URJC students, teachers and PAS. Located on the Fuenlabrada campus, ´Meeting Point´ has been open in person since the beginning of the academic year. The Salud Joven service has been the last to rejoin the "new normality".

´Meeting Point´ was born at the beginning of 2020 as a collaboration between the Fuenlabrada City Council and the Rey Juan Carlos University. Its main objective is to echo the cultural activities that take place in this city. In addition, it offers advice on matters of interest to university students, such as information on rentals in the area, the Erasmus program and external internships. “It is a very interesting initiative to link the life of the city and that of the campus and take advantage of the resources of two administrations”, comments Borja Goñi López de Armentia, manager of the URJC Fuenlabrada campus.

For its part, the Salud Joven service is focused on the physical and psychological health of students. Equipped with personalized attention, it provides assistance in matters of bullying, eating disorders, questions regarding the LGBT community and psychological support.