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Thursday, November 04, 2021 at 07:00

The MICADO project, finalist for the European Awards for Political Innovation

The MICADO project, finalist for the European Awards for Political Innovation The MICADO project, finalist for the European Awards for Political Innovation

The URJC participates in the development of a mobile application that centralizes all the necessary information for migrants who want to start their life in Europe. Those responsible for the project will know if they are finally winners of 'The Innovation in Politics Awards' at a gala to be held in January in Bratislava.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

The project MIKADO (Migrant Integration Cockpits and Dashboards) promoted by the Directorate of Social Services of the Community of Madrid and financed by the EU with 4 million euros, in which the URJC has an important participation led by Professor José María Álvarez Monzoncillo, has been selected as a finalist for 'The Innovation in Politics Awards 2021'. In addition to Madrid, multidisciplinary teams from the cities of Hamburg (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), and Bologna (Italy) participate.

The initiative, which is currently in the development phase and has passed its first usability test, aims to provide migrants arriving in European Union countries with all useful information, through a mobile application, about social security, housing, education, health care or employment, in a simple, intuitive way and in their native languages. For this, the demography of the most numerous migrant communities in the Community of Madrid has been taken into account.

Through technology, the main objective of MICADO, as can be read in the information on the existing project on the website of the Community of Madrid, is "the contribution to the successful integration of migrants in the societies and communities of the countries Europeans and the development of capacities to respond to future migratory challenges and developments at an institutional and personal level”.

A citizen jury of more than 1000 people will choose the winner

MICADO is among the 90 finalists of some awards to which a total of 413 proposals from all over Europe have been submitted. A citizen jury of more than 1.000 people is in charge of evaluating all the candidacies based on values ​​such as social balance, democracy and human rights. The project in which the URJC participates competes in the 'Digitalization' category.

According to Marina Santín, researcher of the project and professor of Journalism at the URJC, "due to the fact that we are already finalists of the award, MICADO will remain permanently in the repository of innovation and good practices of the Innovation in Politics Institute, ensuring recognition permanent of the project.

Those responsible for MICADO plan to present the initiative this coming November 10 at a conference organized by Professor Rafael Gómez Alonso and entitled 'the representation of immigration in the audiovisual media'. It will be held at the URJC headquarters in Madrid-Quintana. 

MICADO is made up of a consortium of prestigious universities, renowned research institutes and renowned institutions from five European countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy and Spain. On the Spanish side, the Rey Juan Carlos University, the Professional Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Madrid and the Community of Madrid participate.