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Wednesday, November 24, 2021 at 07:15

Students bring business closer to URJC with the 'Business Fest'

The student association 'Business and Investment Club' organizes a day in which important entrepreneurs will talk about their business experiences in different sectors.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

'Business Fest', the meeting between entrepreneurship and students, organized by the BIC association, will take place on December 1 and 2 at the Móstoles campus. The objective of the event, as explained by Ángel Espinosa, a Business Administration and Marketing student and head of communication at BIC, "is for founders of important companies and startups to come so that they can share their experience from the beginning until now."

The presentations will be given by the promoters of companies in the finance, fashion and training sectors, such as Pompeii, Balio, Minimalism, Hemper, or Borrowing, among others.

In addition to attending the presentations with the stories of entrepreneurship as protagonists, with their successes and difficulties, the participants who have purchased a VIP ticket will be able to take part in a networking session with the entrepreneurs in which they will be able to delve into the aspects that most they are interested in

In this sense, there are two types of tickets (general and VIP) that can be purchased at this link, from the organization they point out that they have been forced to put a price "to cover the travel and accommodation expenses of the speakers, as well as of catering”. The day will be held in hybrid mode.

The investment club of URJC students

BIC was born approximately three years ago as an investment club for students interested in finance and stock markets, made up exclusively of students from the Rey Juan Carlos University. This club currently has a capital of 1.500 euros and operates in IBEX35 securities, cryptocurrencies and CFDs, a financial derivative.

Over time, the association has been expanding its lines of action, holding conferences, collaborating with entities and companies and offering consulting services, among other activities.

“We organize 2 webinars every month with an average of 200 registered per session, our record was a virtual conference that we organized with 800 attendees”. They also remind those who are interested in joining the club that they meet every Saturday morning at the Madrid-Quintana headquarters of the URJC.