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Friday, November 26, 2021 at 07:31

The Animals and Society Chair will collaborate with the Cotton Walls Foundation

This Animal Assisted Leisure program will be added to the therapies already carried out by the foundation and which are aimed at minors with functional diversity.

Alberto Gomez Rodriguez

The Cotton Walls Foundation is an NGO that is located in Vallecas and is in charge of offering different therapies aimed at minors with functional diversity who are at risk of exclusion. The work of this foundation is essential, "because they deal with children who are on waiting lists to receive their early care therapies from the Community of Madrid, coming from families who cannot access them because they do not have enough economic resources”, explains Nuria Máximo, director of the Animals and Society Chair at the URJC.

With this agreement, the Chair commits to allocate means and a program that helps the professionals of this center. Since November 15, these resources have been added to the rest of the therapies developed at the Cotton Walls Foundation: Assisted Leisure actions with Animals and activities of daily life with the aim of improving the senses and emotional intelligence of minors.

Nuria Máximo recalls that it is important to differentiate between therapy and animal-assisted leisure. For her, “Animal Assisted Leisure is a fundamental way to improve people's quality of life, since they pursue more motivational, social or recreational goals. The main purpose on which it focuses is the playful aspect and fun, promoting the personal development of the minors of Cotton Walls”.

This collaboration allows minors to progress in the field of psychomotricity and cognition. In relation to the emotional and social area, it should be noted that it is intended to promote empathy and affectivity in patients through the creation of bonds with animals. Regarding communication, we try to increase the number of interactions and develop expressive and comprehensive abilities.

"From the Cotton Walls Foundation we greatly appreciate that the Chair has joined the professional therapies we offer, since the benefits of assisted leisure with dogs are unquestionable", highlights Carolina de los Silos, director of the Cotton Walls Foundation. .