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Tuesday, February 08, 2022 at 07:30 p.m.

The front line of the fight against human trafficking, at the URJC

The front line of the fight against human trafficking, at the URJC The front line of the fight against human trafficking, at the URJC

Teachers from the FCJS organize a conference to analyze the reality of "slavery in the XNUMXst century", with prosecutors and senior officials from the Civil Guard.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

On February 10, the conference 'Trafficking in Human Beings in Spain. The Slavery of the XXI Century' in which the day to day of the first line of the fight against this problem will be revealed. In Spain, the State Security Forces and Bodies released 2020 victims of trafficking for sexual or labor exploitation in 269.

The objective of the event, as explained by the Criminal Law professor and coordinator of the Criminology degree, Beatriz García Sánchez, is, through the interventions of the experts, "to establish a debate between professors and university students on the reality of human trafficking. of human beings, providing the practical part of the fight against trafficking, which complements the theory of what we deal with in teaching”, says the teacher and moderator of the session.

For this, the conference will feature the intervention of Silvia Benito Reques, Delegate Prosecutor for Immigration of the Region of Murcia; Félix Durán Garrido, chief lieutenant of the Human Trafficking section of the UCO of the Civil Guard and Eva Márquez García, coordinator of the Women's area of ​​the Diaconía association.

"The main victims of trafficking are women, who are sexually exploited, which is why we have also decided this day from the point of view of the fight for equality and against machismo and patriarchy," says Beatriz García Sánchez.

The conference is held in person and has already exhausted all the capacity of the campus room in which it is held, a total of 55 seats. It is intended for both students and professors of the FCJS and, especially, those of the degrees related to Law.

Foto: Guardia Civil