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Friday February 11, 2022 at 09:17

The URJC will compete in Austria with the best 'Formula Student' teams

The URJC will compete in Austria with the best 'Formula Student' teams The URJC will compete in Austria with the best 'Formula Student' teams

The Ü Motorsport team will take part in an international university competition that takes place in July at the Red Bull Ring circuit, home of the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix.

Raul Garcia Hemonnet

Ü Motorsport is the team with which the URJC participates in the 'Formula Student' initiative. Driven by the Office of the Vice President for Innovation, Transfer and Relations with Companies and several URJC companies, this team has been selected along with 24 other teams from around the world to participate next summer in the Formula Student Austria competition. The event will take place at the legendary Red Bull Ring circuit, venue of the Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix

It will be the moment of truth for a project with many months of work behind it, as Miguel Longobardo, Ü Motorsport's 'team leader' and second-year student of the master's degree in Industrial Engineering, explains, "we are taking our most advanced project to Austria, a Combustion car with carbon fiber monocoque chassis, modifications to the engine, new aerodynamic package and optimization of parts to make the vehicle lighter”.

To get to the Red Bull Ring, the team has had to pass a tough test in which the technical and safety characteristics of the vehicle are analyzed, as well as the organization of the aspiring teams.

Looking ahead to the competition in July, Miguel shows good expectations, “until we test the car we can't know where we are. At the level of performance we hope to be in the top 10. At the level of business plan and economic report, which is the other part of the competition, we hope to get on the podium. We are very excited to live the experience in a Formula 1 circuit and share it with people from all over the world”.

'Formula Student' is a competition between students from universities around the world that promotes excellence in engineering and organization through a competition where members of each team design, build, develop and compete in a single-seater vehicle.

Multidisciplinary team

Ü Motorsport, is a wide-ranging project made up of different profiles, “we are university students of all levels: from 1st degree to XNUMXnd Master's degree. Students of all degrees. Making a team is not just making a car, we have people from aerospace, industrial and mechanical engineering, but also from Business Administration, Marketing, Journalism and International Relations”, says Miguel.

At Ü Motorsport they are always incorporating people willing to contribute to the project. In a few days they will open a selection process. Those who are interested can register through this form hosted on the team's website.


If they are selected, they will be able to participate in such interesting initiatives as the development of an autonomous competition car, with which the group intends to compete in Spain during this year 2022.