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Friday February 18, 2022 at 07:20

Alberto del Río, winner of the Iberian Competition for New Designers

The second-year student of the Double Degree in Fashion Design and Management + Integral Design and Image Management was awarded for his collection based on Rayana culture.

Daria Efimova

The I Iberian Contest of New Designers, held within the XV Fair of Beauty, Fashion and Cosmetics, already has its first winner. Alberto del Río Florencio, a second-year student in the double degree in Fashion Design and Management + Comprehensive Design and Image Management at URJC, was awarded for his “Taejo” collection, based on Rayana culture. 

Born in Coria, he has been raised in Zarza la Mayor (Cáceres, Extremadura). "I don't remember without scissors in my hands or paints, or doing crafts," says Alberto. His passion for his creativity has followed him from the earliest stages of his life. He attributes much of his influence to the women in his family: "I've always seen them sew, crochet, do something crafty... My mother has always instilled in me a love for it." In high school, when he was thinking about what profession he wanted to opt for, one aspect was clear: that he be related to art. 

He discovered the I Iberian Contest by chance through social networks. The main objective of this contest is to support new designers from Extremadura, a province that is frequently left aside in favor of the big capitals. For the contest, all the participants had to create their own collection, with a free theme, and explain the creation process through sketches, photographs and other graphic materials. After encouragement from his friends and his family, Alberto has made the decision to present himself: “I had a job that conformed to the lines established by the contest. I thought, ´I can expand it, and that way I kill two birds with one stone´. I decided to jump into the pool, and see what came out.”

Preparations for the event have not been easy; especially when it comes to combining it with studies. However, Alberto remembers them fondly. “It was between Madrid and Zarza la Mayor, and everything was very frenetic, but also very beautiful.” He went to the fair with his family, and although he was calm and sure of himself at first, when he was declared the winner his emotions overwhelmed him. "I couldn't stop crying, I didn't believe it. I still feel through the roof, but little by little I am beginning to assimilate it. Being there, selected among the eight contestants, was already a prize for me.”

Winning this contest was an enormous pride for Alberto. “I feel very satisfied with my work. Above all, it has given me a lot of security for my projects. I come from a very small town, and such a great experience has been incredible. I value it enormously”, concludes the student.