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Wednesday, February 23, 2022 at 07:00

Promote young entrepreneurs

Within the framework of the XNUMXst Employability and Entrepreneurship Week at URJC, the BIC university association organizes two events focused on financial education, networking and startups.

Daria Efimova

The end of this month of February is marked at the Rey Juan Carlos University by the celebration of the I Week of Employability and Entrepreneurship. Organized by the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences (FCJS), its objective is to shed light on possible professional opportunities related to FCJS degrees, as well as to carry out some practical activities that help students to face different situations when they enter the world of work. 

Taking advantage of the attention paid to this issue, the university association Business & Investment Club, or BIC, has organized two meetings dedicated to financial education and entrepreneurship. With these activities, they want to give students first-hand knowledge of these issues. According to Fernando González, current president of BIC: “It is very important to attend these types of events, as they provide great added value. There are many things that encompass the university beyond the classes, which provide a much closer knowledge. In the end, no one is going to know entrepreneurship better than an entrepreneur.”

Both activities also have the academic recognition of credits. 

The challenge of financial freedom

The first meeting, entitled "How to achieve financial freedom?", was held on February 21. It has had a renowned guest: Gerard Bernal, CEO and founder of Balio, one of the most important Spanish startups in the field of economics. His goal is to increase financial education, savings and investment among young people. “Balio is managed by three very young people”, says Fernando González, “so there is a certain closeness with the public. Many attendees asked him for entrepreneurship advice.” Due to the fact that the main speaker is in Barcelona, ​​as well as for the convenience of the participants, the event has been held remotely.

The talk had an approximate of 35-40 attendees; and the recording available on the association's YouTube channel.

Greater visibility for entrepreneurs

On the other hand, on February 24, on the Fuenlabrada campus, the event “Co-undertake. Young people, ideas and networking”, organized jointly by BIC and Inter Universitarios (INU), another URJC association. During the day, the participants will have the opportunity to contact the entrepreneurs of small startups and share their experiences and advice; as well as getting to know each other in a closer and friendlier environment.